STOP Looking At the FAKE POLLS! You Will Find REAL VOTING DATA as of 11/1 Here…..

REAL VOTING DATA as of 11/1/18

Florida is looking better and better by the day for Republicans! Nearly 3.75 million people have voted early. The margin for the Republicans continues to increase each day (currently +63,537). Democrats had a lead of 96,450 at the end of Early Voting in 2016. The difference at this point is +159,987 for Republicans. We have an excellent chance of flipping FL-D7 and a good chance of flipping FL-D13.

We will not lose a single Republican House Seat.

Nevada has been a night and day difference when comparing 2018 to 2016. The RNC went all in with door-to-door knocking starting 6 months ago. It is really paying off BIGLY! We will hold the Senate Seat (Heller) and the Governor’s Seat. We have a fantastic chance of flipping NV-D3 and a good chance of flipping NV-D4.

We will not lose a single Republican House Seat.

You will find a video below that discusses the work the RNC has done in Nevada.

Arizona will elect Martha McSally as well as reelect Doug Ducey!

From the article linked above:

1) Republican ballot advantage far ahead of 2016: On this same day in 2016 – a Presidential election year – 1,228,936 ballots had been returned, with the Republican Ballot Advantage being +6.4% percentage points, with a margin of 79,180 ballots. With a larger ballot advantage of +9.4% this cycle and a margin of 114,512 ballots, the statewide ballot advantage is likely to see only minor shifts, barring any unprecedented Democratic return numbers in the final week.

2) Democratic voters holding their ballots longer than 2016: Democratic voters are holding onto their ballots longer than in 2016, averaging 12.44 days compared to 11.36 days in 2016, but shorter than their 13.26 day average in 2014. Meanwhile, Republican voters aren’t holding onto their ballots as long, sitting at an average of 11.76 days compared with 11.97 days in 2016 and 13.48 in 2014.

3) Older voters far outnumber young and middle-aged voters: Voter ages 55+ outnumber those under 55 by a 2:1 margin.

4) New voters split among parties: Republicans hold a 34.04% share of the 88,700 new voters who have cast a ballot, compared to 34.31% Democrats and 29.75% Independents.

Many people are going to be shocked on Election Night when Morrisey beats Joe Manchin in WV! Joe Manchin can say all he wants that TRUMP is not on the ballot.

From the article linked above:

Curt Blickenstann says the same, but adds a caveat — switch parties and Manchin could get his vote. “Oh yeah, he’d get the support of West Virginia even more. West Virginia is a hard-working state. It’s middle-class people, and that’s what Trump stands for is the middle-class people,” he says of the president who won all of the state’s 55 counties and earned a whopping 67–26 percent statewide win over Hillary Clinton.

The only other thing that may or may not help Morrisey is Trump and whether he will or won’t come here for Morrisey to drag him over the line. For voters like Blickenstann and Shank, voting for someone with an R after his name is enough to reinforce their support for the president.

He’s been here before, and Vice President Mike Pence and Donald Trump Jr. were here in the last few days; so was Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul.

Morrisey says Trump coming will both remind voters to support him and also help him bring him over the line; Manchin says it won’t matter.

“Like I said, he’s not on the ballot.”

California keeps looking better and better for the Republican Incumbents in the House!

From the article linked above:

Information released from the Kern County Elections Division shows Republicans in the county have cast more early votes than Democrats. 88,111 ballots were issued to Democratic voters in the County, while 87,892 were issued to Republicans, according to the Kern County Elections Division. Even so, Republicans have outvoted Democrats in the early voting process.

Kern county democrats have cast 16,239 early ballots, while members of the grand old party have cast more than 26,428.

We will win Florida, West Virginia and Montana as well!

6 thoughts on “STOP Looking At the FAKE POLLS! You Will Find REAL VOTING DATA as of 11/1 Here…..

  1. My heart is beating faster and faster knowing we only have to keep up this incredible trend for a few more days to keep MAGA moving full steam ahead!! A million thanks to you Flep for the great research, and for sharing with us and keeping us encouraged!!! Hope to “see” everyone here at the rally tonight!!!

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    1. Where exactly are the first three charts from? In other words, what is the specific source?

      While it is true that Republicans have a slight edge over Democrats in the early voting, more Democrats are voting early than did in the last midterm. Of course, the early voting trends do not show how candidates are faring, only how many voters have cast ballots and what is the voter’s party affiliation.

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