STOP Listening To the MSM & Fake Polls! The Data Is Deadly for Democrats….. MAGA Voting News as of 10/31

California Republicans are fighting like hell to defend the 9 House Seats! We will not only keep the 9 Seats but we may expand one additional seat in CA-26 where Antonio Sabato Jr. looks to defeat the Incumbent Democrat.

Don’t look now but Democrats may be in some serious trouble in Wisconsin. Especially if the numbers remain low in Milwaukee. I said it yesterday and will say it again today that Blacks are looking forward to voting for a Republican for the first time in 2020 when voting for our President. They are going to sit out the 2018 race.

Everything you need to know about North Carolina can be found in the thread below:

Nevada has truly been the most pleasant surprise to date when compared to 2016. Not only will we keep the Senate and Governor’s Seat, we will flip NV-D3 & have a great chance of flipping NV-D4.

THIS TWEET SAYS IT ALL FOLKS! We will absolutely flip MN-D1 and MN-D8 and win the AG Seat in MN. I also like our chances to flip Franken’s Senate Seat in MN. Keith Ellison has destroyed the Democrat Party in MN.

Arizona is gone and there is nothing the Democrats can do to get it back! The margin is pretty much baked in with over 1 million votes to date!

Florida is moving further and further in the category for the Republicans! What a difference in the Early Voting advantage from 2016 (D-96,450) to 2018 (R-62,937). That is a whopping difference of 159,387.

OHIO IS TRUMP COUNTRY. People have called me crazy but I am now 100% confident that Jim Renacci will beat Sherrod Brown next Tuesday and we will keep the Governor’s Seat (people predicated that)!

The point Larry is making for Unafiliated voters in Ohio is very important because it is unique to Ohio.

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