Prepare Yourself For the Total Destruction Of the Democrat Party On November 6th! The MONSTER VOTE Is Here… . .

We are going to keep the House with a similar margin and we will be at 56 to 60 in the Senate! I am feeling 60 more than 56 😉!

The Democrats are dying a slow death  with each passing day. The MAGAbomber was a complete fail. The data from Early Voting in Florida over the last two days has been historical! We pushed our lead from 53K on Thursday to 74K today.

Early Voting started today in 31 counties! 30 of them are Republican counties. By the time Early Voting ends on November 4th, our lead will be approximately 125K! Historically Democrats need a 5% margin in Early Voting to win statewide elections in Florida. The margin is currently 3.2% for the Republicans and may reach 5% by Election Day.

That guarantees a wipeout of the Democrat Party in Florida. Ron DeSantis will be the next Governor while Rick Scott will put Bill Nelson into retirement. We will hold every District that a Republican is the Incumbent and we will flip a District or two from the Democrats (FL-D7 & FL-D13).

Don’t take my word for it, allow the 2.3 million votes to tell you the story.

From the thread above:

Florida Vote-by-Mail & Early Voting Data Combined as of 10/27

Republicans – 42.8%
Democrats – 39.6%
Margin (+3.2% for Republicans)

Updated: 10/27 Latest Florida Early Voting & Mail Voting Data

74,334 (+12,885 from 10/26) more registered Republicans have returned a Mail-in-Ballot or Voted Early as of 10/26

+3.2% lead for Republicans 3.0% on 10/26 (+0.2%)


The margin went UP for Republicans and the overall total number of Republicans voting either by mail or in person actually went up (ARE YOU KIDDING ME) BIGLY +12,885

Good news is that as the totals increase, it will become difficult for Democrats to catch up

The State of Nevada is a completely different state from 2016. A night and day difference!

We are going to hold the Senate Seat (Dean Heller) and we are going to hold the Governor’s Seat. We are going to flip NV-D3 & NV-D4.

California is going to surprise the Left, Democrats and MSM when we win all 9 Congressional Districts where the Republican is the Incumbent and we have a great chance of Antonio Sabato Jr. beating the Incumbent Democrat!

North Carolina is beyond embarrassing for the Democrats!

In fact, NC early voting casts huge doubt of any ‘blue wave’ in November whatsoever.

Democrats are down -5% from 2014 — a year Ds lost Congressional and Senate races — while Republicans are matching their 2016 levels at 30%.

Digging deeper, turnout seems to be highest among those 60+ with a drop of -5% among African-Americans.

Arizona is gone and the liberal papers in the state have to report on it!

From the article linked above:

Early-voting data shows overall voter enthusiasm at an all-time high for a midterm election, and, so far, Republicans have the clear advantage.

Republican returns outpaced Democratic returns by 11 percentage points as of Friday: 44 percent of the ballots turned in so far were Republican compared with the 33 percent that were Democratic. Non-affiliated voters represented 23 percent of their share.

Texas is going to embarrass every single MORON that will allow Beto to never have to work again since they have provided him $70 million dollars to lose by double digits!

7 thoughts on “Prepare Yourself For the Total Destruction Of the Democrat Party On November 6th! The MONSTER VOTE Is Here… . .

  1. Awesome analysis, FLeP!!!

    President Trump’s policies are not only good for the USA – they resonate with and make sense to the vast majority of sane, thinking, working people.

    And statistics, business and pay increases prove these policies produce good results!


  2. I hope you are right about soy boy tran-O beta BETO. The creep’s campaign was just exposed as having transferred funds to relief organizations helping the migrants in Mexico.

    That’s what, strike #5 for this d-bag?

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Hard to imagine being much more wrong than this article. I see you post in the comments section of The Conservative Treehouse which has been consistently wrong about Jeff Sessions, 4D chess, and “The Big Ugly.” Unfortunately, CTH heavily censors their comments section, which leads to group think. So sad.

    The hard truth is that Republicans worked on the wrong things, and they ran on the economy which was never going to work.

    Trump was not the man of action we had all hoped he would be. He did good on trade, great on regulation, but he failed to build the wall and he absolutely surrendered on draining the swamp. Indeed, the swamp drained him. Tweeting is all talk and no action.

    We get nowhere sticking our heads in the sand and refusing to listen to opposing points of view. The Republicans forming circular firing squads, whether in Congress or in the blogosphere, is not going to work.

    Predicting the future is tricky business. I’ve been dead wrong a number of times.

    So that I’m perfectly clear, the point of this post is to warn about group think as goes on at CTH. Limiting commenters to those who only agree with you places you inside a bubble of your own making.

    Use search term “fraud” when you get there. The blog is in a state of poor maintenance. Many of the hyperlinks may not work. Start here:

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      1. You are much kinder than I imagine I would be. Fact-free criticisms don’t hold weight with me. At the very least if he has concerns about CTH/comments/moderation he should post those comments on the appropriate blog, not here.

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