They Would Kill Their Own Mothers if it Allows Them to Regain Power!

Folks, these POS would kill their own mothers if they thought it would allow them to regain power! These bombs showing up at CNN, Soros’ home, BHO’s home, HRC & Bill Clinton’s home are all related to the data below! There is going to be a BLOODBATH on November 6th.

The Democrats realize that the MOB coming up through Mexico is the GREATEST OCTOBER SURPRISE imaginable. The fact that PDJT has hung it around their necks like a 1,000,000,000 pound anchor won’t allow them to blame Xi, Putin, Maduro or anyone else. They OWN IT!

They need to dramatically change the news and change it fast. The problem for them is that a majority of Americans will see right through this BS. Plus the fact that Republicans are condemning it shows which party has the adults versus the MOB running it.

Everything that has happened to Steve Scalise to the brick the other day going through Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s office window isn’t going to be brushed aside by 70% of Americans.

The RED TSUNAMI (no longer a Red Wave) is only going to build up over the next 13 days. It will reach shore on November 6th. There is NOTHING the Democrats, MSM, Soros, BHO, HRC, Xi, Putin, etc. can do to stop it.

They can’t lie on their polls now that there is real data and it is mortifying for Democrats (including the one state they have a lead in, Nevada).

5 thoughts on “They Would Kill Their Own Mothers if it Allows Them to Regain Power!

  1. I voted today in Houston, Tx, there was a little rain, full parking: I had to park a couple of blocks away on the street.
    It was a long line, but it took me just 20-30 minutes waiting to vote…As I understood by overhearing conversations, it were mostly Republican voters.

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