Justice Will Be Served! Our President Is Preparing the Battlefield……

I said yesterday that our President is confident for all the right reasons for the upcoming November 6th Election. What the Democrats and MSM did to Justice Kavanaugh and his family has literally flipped this election on its head. The one thing I would concede is that Democrats had a double digit margin on enthusiasm. That has completely evaporated.

CNN today had to warn their lunatics that there may not be a Blue Wave and that Democrats may come up short in the House. They have acknowledged that there is no hope in the Senate.

Poll after poll this past week have been terrible for Democrats not only running to retain their Senate seats but in House Districts that Democrats thought they could flip and more importantly hold onto.

The Lunatics cannot be controlled! They are starting to destroy Republican Headquarters. This is only going to intensify sane Americans to get out and vote.

No need for our President to use his nuclear weapons at this point in time! AG Sessions can use the Prison Reform Bill as his reason for resigning. DAG Rosenstein can make sure that the IG Report doesn’t hold anything back and that it comes out by the end of November, early December.

He has this POS Mueller put his report together and closes down shop. At which point he resigns. The MORONIC FBI Director can say based on the two resignations, he is resigning as well. Boente and anyone else can use the same excuse.

The new Congress takes over on January 3rd! Senator Lindsey Graham assumes the Chairmanship for the Judiciary Committee since Senator Grassley will be taking over the Chair for the Finance Committee for Senator Hatch.

We will have between 56 to 60 Republican Senators. Only 50 would be needed to confirm the replacements for the folks referenced above.

On the House side, Rep. Jim Jordan becomes our Speaker. Nunez remains the Chair of his Committee. Rep. Matt Gaetz takes over as Chairman of Gowdy’s Committee while Rep. Mark Meadows takes over Bob Goodlatte’s Committee.

At that point in time with all our weapons in place, our Lion 🦁 calls all the boys together and says, “EVERY SINGLE POS INVOLVED IN THIS COUP NEEDS TO FACE THE ATOMIC SLEDGEHAMMER OF TRUTH!”

3 thoughts on “Justice Will Be Served! Our President Is Preparing the Battlefield……

  1. The Republicans hold the House and Senate and Jim Jordan is handed the gavel for the Speaker!!!!! Pastor Brunson is home and JUSTICE Kavanaugh seated!!! Our cup is truly overflowing!!!!!!! Thank you, Flep!!!!

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