We Are Within the 60 Day Window of the November Election! PDJT is Going To Come Out Guns Blazing! All the Damn Marbles Are at Stake….

Our daily prayers were answered on November 8, 2016! I agree with Sundance’s opinion about the Coup Plotters.


However, the one person Sundance didn’t reference in his article is the LION 🦁 himself! If you think PDJT is going to sit back and honor some BS unwritten rule, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you. PDJT has been anticipating this 60 day window since he was inaugurated on January 20, 2017.

PDJT knows we are at WAR and there is no rest for the weary! He is going to come out guns blazing. The 2018 Election is for all the damn marbles.

The outcome will determine the course that our country will be on not just for the next two years but the next 50+ years. The Democrat Party is splintering as we speak. Losing the House and Republicans increasing their margin in the Senate will lead to the official death 💀 of the Democrat Party.

The Bernie Progressives will blame the Moderate Democrats for the humiliating lose. The Moderates will plan the Bernie Progressives for leading their party to run on a platform that is hated by 75% of Americans. You will unofficially have 2 Democrat Parties. The Bernie Progressives will say they are the only ones that can beat PDJT in 2020. The Moderates will claim that they are the only ones that can do it.

The problem for the Moderates is that California pushed up their primary to the first Super Tuesday. That almost guarantees that a Bernie Progressive will win the Democrat Nomination. The Moderates will officially splinter after the beating they take in 2020. At that point you will have the Progressive Party and a Moderate Democrat Party. That will assure Republican victories for the foreseeable future.

That GUARANTEES TRUMPISM being around for the next 50+ years. Our President knows everything I referenced above. Enjoy the hell out of the next 60 days. Our kids an grandkids will be talking about these 60 days long after we are gone!

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