Voter Registration Battleground States Update As of August 2018…..

Here is what Larry Schweikart had to say about the latest Voter Registration data from 9 Battleground States:

*Many states (OH, TX, MN, WI & MI) do not register by party.

**These are from the Secretary of State websites, based on comparison with turnout in November 2016. The numbers are NET gains or losses, comparing changes in both parties.

1) Arizona: Republicans net 5,000 after big Democrat voter drive

Both parties have gained since 2016–one of the few states to show both parties gaining.

Republicans +25,000 & Democrats +20,000

Republicans now have increased their voter registration lead to +153,000.

2) Colorado:  Democrats +1,000

Both parties lost registration, Democrats 47,000 & Republicans 46,000. This continues to show the Republicans have stopped the bleeding. In 2015 they were +5, now they are -.5.

3) Florida: Republicans +84,000

Democrats in Florida lost 65,000 since Nov. 2016, Republicans gained 19,000.

Republicans gain about 6,000 a month net. At this rate they will overtake Democrats as majority party in the state by fall 2020.

4) Iowa: Democrats +8,000

Republicans had a very good year and a half, often net gaining by about 2,000, but Democrats had a strong post-May period

Republicans still lead in the state by 25,000.

5) North Carolina: Republicans +83,000

Each party gained 4,000 since last report, but Democrats are down over 58,000 since Nov. 2016 while Republicans are up 21,000.

6) New Hampshire: Republicans +7,000

This has barely changed. At one point, Republicans were up 8,500.

PDJT lost NH by about 1,500 votes.

7) New Mexico: Republicans +13,000

Both parties were down since November 2016, but Democrats were off by 40,000.

Guessing a lot of switches to Libertarian.

8) Nevada: Republicans +29,000

Republicans actually gained 7,000 but the big number was that Democrats lost 22,000 since November 2016.

9) Pennsylvania: Republicans +76,000

Democrats still down huge (127,000) since 2016. At one time, though, this net gain for Republicans was 104,000 and it’s shrunk since 2017. Still, a 76,000 gain is nothing to sneeze at.

Summary: Of the 9 states, only two have shown any trends toward Democrats (Colorado and Iowa) and Iowa remains safely in Republican hands. Colorado is truly a battleground.

The Republican gains in Arizona, Florida and North Carolina are impressive.

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