NAFTA IS DEAD! There is Nothing Canada, Democrats, CoC, RINOs, MSM etc. Can Do To Save It………….

It was very comical to watch the WHORES when the deal with Mexico was finalized. They kept on calling it NAFTA. They also kept on saying that until Canada comes on board, there is no new deal.

Our President than had the WHORES as well as the Mexican and our negotiators in the Oval Office when he calls President Nieto of Mexico. I actually couldn’t stop laughing as Nieto was pleading with PDJT to have Canada included. PDJT let Nieto babble. He then hung up and proceeded to say that he will be terminating NAFTA in the very near future. He went on to say that his preference with Canada would be to put a 25% tariff on cars, trucks and parts imported into our country from Canada.

Canada, the WHORES, COC, RINOs, Democrats etc. are totally screwed! Our President is setting up a take it or leave it offer to all of them. They CANNOT stop him from killing NAFTA. As soon as he signs the termination notice, the 6 month wind down period begins. During that wind down, the new US – Mexico Trade Deal will have gone through the 90 day waiting period for Congress to approve before the end of the year (early December). If they vote it down, no biggie because 2 months later, we revert back to life prior to NAFTA. They will not turn it down because they ALL would look like the biggest buffoons in the world because the deal is a 1,000x better for our country.

In about two weeks, our President is going to put a 25% tariff on all cars, parts and trucks imported into our country from Canada, Japan and China. The European Union may not originally be included but our President will give them a month or two to finalize a deal before they are included.

Car manufacturers throughout Canada will leave so that they don’t have to be burdened with the tariff. The majority will either build or expand factories in our country while some may decide to expand in Mexico.

The graphs below are only going to get worse for Canada!

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