The Left, Democrats, RINOs, MSM, Mueller etc. Are Celebrating as if They Won! Little Do They Know That They Are Actually Celebrating Their Funeral………

Once again the Left, Democrats, Mueller, RINOs, Never Trumpers etc. are trying to convince themselves that they have finally gotten our President to bend a knee. Reality is slapping them in the face each and everyday as we get closer and closer to November 6th. They celebrated yesterday and will continue to do so for the rest of the week. However, their celebration is for their funeral.

The two most important issues that will determine their fate in November is the Economy and Immigration. Money talks and BS walks! The news surrounding who killed Mollie Tibbetts will drive sane Americans to the polls on November 6th because Mollie could have been any of my 3 daughters as well as the daughter and/or granddaughter to all Americans who have had kids.

Here is the reality facing them today:

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