Blue Wave, Blue Wave, Blue Wave, Is All You Are Hearing From the MSM the Last 2 Days! However, Their Liberal Polls Are Saying Something Else……..

If you are listening to the MSM over the last two days, you would think that we are about to get destroyed in the House come November. Chuck Todd has the Democrats winning 40 to 60 seats.

Lindsey Graham today said that the Democrats will have a 12 to 15 seat advantage in the House.

I could go on and on but I won’t because this is all FAKE NEWS!

The polling that has come out from the same liberal pollsters the last two days are painting a very different picture!

From the article linked above:

The latest round of polls that look at the generic ballot show a dramatic drop for Democrats as we head into the 2018 mid-terms elections.
If you look only at the four polls taken this month, the Democrat lead drops to an average of just 2 (2.25) points.

Rasmussen shows Democrats at +4 (45-41 percent) — down from +6 last week.

IBD/TIPP has both parties all tied up at 45 percent — down from +8 Democrat lead at the end of June.

Economist/YouGov has Democrats +3 (44-41 percent) — down from +4 last week.

Reuters/Ipsos has Democrats +2 (41-39 percent) — down from +6 last week.

There are a number of possible explanations for this fairly dramatic movement away from the Big Blue Wave.


While there is no question Democrats are energized for 2018, as they run around praising socialism, putting illegal aliens above law-abiding American citizens, and promise to dismantle border enforcement and ICE, these are the kinds of terrifying realities that energize the rest of America and turn off reasonable Democrats.


PDJT’s approval in the Harris Poll among Blacks is 36% and Hispanics is 51%, respectively. His approval overall is 51% in this poll, with Whites representing 69% of those polled.

Please read the article below that shows clearly that a Democrat lead in Generic Ballots actually doesn’t translate to results come November. @Barnes_Law wrote it and put it on @Peoples_Pundit site.

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