ACTIONS Speak Louder Than Words! Americans Are Loving What They See…..

Folks there is so much to be excited 😜 about! 

Look at the numbers from today’s Primary Election in Tennessee. If your looking for a Blue Wave 🌊, you are going to get hit by a Red Tsunami!

The Rasmussen Poll had our President back at 50% Approval! The fact that it is 5 points higher than BHO’s approval at the same point in their presidencies is not what excited me. This is what put a HUGE smile 😀 on my face!

Every demographic is moving to the Right as the Democrats move further and further to the Left!

From the article linked above:

A recent Harvard/Harris poll recorded a 10-point spike in Hispanic support for Mr. Trump. It hasn’t received much attention from the mainstream media, which is heavily invested in its portrait of the president as an unrepentant — and unpopular — “nativist.”

And consider Florida’s hotly-contested Senate race. Republican Gov. Rick Scott is besting his Democratic opponent among Hispanics, according to a Mason-Dixon poll. Historically, a large and aging Cuban-American exile community has given Republicans a decided partisan edge in the Sunshine State.

Even Jewish people are giving our President credit where credit is due!

All of this signifies that ACTIONS speak louder than words! 

We are WINNING and don’t ever forget it!

Read this incredible thread by @unseen1_unseen because the numbers out of TN this evening were staggering!

The #WalkAway movement is REAL!

6 thoughts on “ACTIONS Speak Louder Than Words! Americans Are Loving What They See…..

  1. These numbers are amazing!!!! I just sent to my son and discussed how we could encourage friends and family to be sure and vote!!!! Thank you so much for posting, Flep!

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  2. Love most of this…but…

    I never really saw the point in looking at primary turnouts and trying to infer from that what the “real” election will be like. If one side doesn’t have a contest, their turnout will naturally be lower (even Dems don’t bother voting when the ballot looks like a Soviet ballot–though you think they’d enjoy pretending this was a socialist dicatorship since that’s what they’ve been working towards), even if they are (ultimately) going to have more voters than the side that is having a four way slugfest.

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    1. In some cases I absolutely agree with you! However in TN, they have the Governor’s seat and Senate seat available since both are being vacated. That is why the data was so startling.


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