Devastating Poll For Democrats, MSM, CoC, Globalist, Koch Brothers, Leftist etc. November Is Going To Be a Bloodbath For the Democrat Party!

The great thing about this poll is that the pollster, Mark Penn, use to be the number one pollster for Bill Clinton when he was President. Also the Party Affiliation is skewed more heavily for Democrats versus Republicans and yet the data is devastating for the Democrat Party.

Mark’s Party Affiliation was as follows:

Democrats – 37%
Republicans – 32%
Independents – 29%

Gallup’s Party Affiliation for June was as follows:

Democrats – 29%
Republicans – 27%
Independents – 43%

According to Mark’s poll, Democrats have a +5 advantage against Republicans when in reality the difference is only +2 according to Gallup.

Our President is going to make sure that the November Election is a National Election where Immigration will be the number one issue for voters.

That will have an incredible effect for Republicans running against Democrats in the House as well as the Senate.

Lou Barletta will win the Senate race in Pennsylvania against Incumbent Democrat, Bob Casey if Immigration is the number one issue at the ballot box come November.

We will also win the following Senate races:

Florida – Rick Scott will beat Incumbent Democrat, Bill Nelson

West Virginia – Patrick Morrisey will beat Incumbent Democrat, Joe Manchin

Ohio – Jim Renacci will beat Incumbent Democrat, Sherrod Brown

Montana – Matt Rosendale will beat Incumbent Democrat, Jon Tester

Missouri – Josh Hawley will beat Incumbent Democrat, Claire McCaskill

North Dakota – Kevin Cramer will beat Incumbent Democrat, Heidi Heitkamp

Indiana – Mike Braun will beat Incumbent Democrat, Joe Donnelly

Minnesota – TBD will beat Incumbent Democrat, Tina Smith who took over for Al Franken

I do think we will lose either Arizona or Nevada. If I had to pick today, Republican Incumbent, Dean Heller, will lose.

I think we will be very competitive in Michigan against Incumbent Democrat, Debbie Stabenow and in Wisconsin against Incumbent Democrat, Tammy Baldwin.

I also think we will be competitive in New Jersey against Incumbent Democrat, Bob Menendez and in Virginia against Incumbent Democrat, Tim Kaine.

My prediction is that we will have 59 Republicans in the Senate after the November Election. It could easily reach 60 to 61 Republican Senators.

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