Maxine Waters & Nancy Pelosi Are National Treasures! Every Time They Open Their Mouths, PDJT’s Poll Numbers Increase……

I LOVE Maxine Waters! She and Nancy Pelosi are National Treasures. Whenever they speak, there is a spike in the data. I pray each night for each of them. I hope they both can stay right where they are for another 25 years so that we can KAG!

From the article linked above:

*Trump’s economic approval rating surged 6 points to 51%, according to the latest CNBC All-America Economic Survey.

*54% say the economy is good or excellent, the highest recorded by CNBC in the 10 years of the survey.

*The recent headlines on immigration have not hurt his ratings, according to the survey.

CBS decided to put out their monthly BS poll yesterday. It has the Democrats +4 according to their Generic Ballot. Once you are able to see their internal data, you realize how mortifying their poll really is for Democrats.

The reality according to Gallup’s Party Affiliation Poll is that Democrats are +3 when compared to Republicans. Democrats are at 29% while Republicans are at 26%. Independents are at 43%.

When you correct CBS poll’s over sampling, Republicans are actually +1 in the Generic Ballot.

What is even more mortifying is the data pertaining to illegals crossing the border and what should be done afterwards.

Once again we see that 3 out of 4 Americans want them incarcerated and sent back to wherever they came from.

Even Drudge had to blast the great news!

4 thoughts on “Maxine Waters & Nancy Pelosi Are National Treasures! Every Time They Open Their Mouths, PDJT’s Poll Numbers Increase……

  1. So true!! And this is the fret time I’ve seen CNN denounce one of their own!! These statistics that you posted are great!!!

    (But, it makes me a little nervous, I have to admit, to see so much hatred acting out around our Trump supporters.)

    Fleporeblog, do you know if all the efforts to clean up the voter registrations have had a positive effect? Are there still as many dead people, out-of-state voters, and other illegal voters as there were?

    Thank you for your posts! They are almost as heartening as a Trump rally!!!

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    1. Jan they are getting destroyed by the Supreme Court every single day! About a week or so ago, the Court sided with the State of Ohio and how they go about clearing their roles.

      Texas just imprisoned an illegal for 5 years for voting in the last election. Illegals are scared out of their minds! They aren’t going to play games.

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