The Economic Train Doesn’t Care About the Noise Coming From the Mouths Of the MSM, Democrats, Globalist, CoC, Koch Brothers….. It Is Fueled By MAGANomics!

The Economic Train doesn’t care about any of the noise coming out of the mouths of the MSM, Democrats, Globalist, CoC, Koch Brothers, Leftists etc. It is fueled by MAGANomics and can withstand anything and everything!

Which will lead to more and more of this happening!

From the article linked above:

*”We’ve been in a trade war for 30 years,” says U.S. Steel President and CEO David Burritt.

*He credits Trump’s proposed tariffs for correcting what he said were unfair trading practices and allowing his company to reopen a plant that has been idle since December 2015.

*On Monday, U.S. Steel reopened the facility in Illinois. Burritt says the move will not only create 800 jobs at his company, but additional jobs throughout the community.

The plan: restart two blast furnaces and steelmaking facilities at the company’s Granite City Works integrated plant — one now and the other in October.

The facility had been idle since December 2015. Burritt said the plant closed because there were not enough customers.

On Monday, Burritt said the combined job gains from reopening the two furnaces will actually be closer to 800 — an it’s not just jobs at U.S. Steel.

From the article linked above:

An aluminum company plans to invest $1.3 billion for a rolling mill in Greenup County, which – when completed in 2020 – will hire 550 workers, its top executive said Wednesday.

“Braidy Industries’ decision to locate in

Eastern Kentucky has the potential to be as significant as any economic deal ever made in the history of Kentucky,” Gov. Matt Bevin said during an announcement of the plant Wednesday afternoon.

The mill will be located off U.S. 23 in the South Shore area between the Ohio River and the CSX railroad tracks on a 370-acre site that is about 15 miles northwest of Ashland and 30 miles west of Huntington.

The jobs will pay $38 per hour plus benefits, totaling about $70,000 per year. It also will bring about 1,000 construction jobs to the region starting in 2018. Construction of the mill will take up to two-and-a-half years. Braidy Industries Inc. CEO Craig Bouchard, of Naples, Florida, said gaining the required permits will take up most of 2017.

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