Holy Cow! What Our President & Stephen Miller Did With DACA Is LETHAL………


WOW JUST WOW! Our President, Stephen Miller and his team have played this Paul Ryan Immigration (Amnesty) Bill perfectly. Paul Ryan will resign at some point next week. He tried to play our President and House Republicans. There is a reason for what he did. Many have forgotten that the EXECUTIONER (Judge Hanen) is about to rule on whether DACA was constitutional when BHO enforced it in 2012. Remember he KILLED DAPA.

I found the tweet below a week or so ago and realized the significance of today’s date.

From the article linked above:

United States District Judge Andrew S. Hanen rejected a motion to dismiss a lawsuit filed by Texas and six other states that challenges the legality of the DACA amnesty program. The one-sentence order rejected the motion to dismiss, which was filed Tuesday by the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund (MALDEF), under the assertion that the court should either throw out the lawsuit case, put it on hold or transfer it to California.

The states that filed the lawsuit to end DACA earlier this month include Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, Nebraska, South Carolina and West Virginia.

The decision comes after Federal Judge John Bates ruled last month that the Trump Administration’s rescission of the DACA program was illegal.

Judge Hanen’s ruling not only ordered the rejection of MALDEF’s motion, but also ordered several deadlines for the case. The ruling gave the federal government until June 8, 2018 to respond to the states’ preliminary injunction bid, until June 15, 2018 (TODAY) for them to disclose the experts, and until June 29, 2018 for them to complete the discovery.

The Judge got the DOJ’s answer!


From the article linked above:

Pete Williams, the chief justice correspondent for NBC News, says the lawsuit forced the government to state its position.

“And now they’ve responded and they’ve said, ‘Look, we agree. We think DACA is illegal, too,’” Williams says.

“I don’t think I’m spoiling the plot here by saying that Judge Hanen, the federal district court judge there in Brownsville, has already in a sense ruled on the main issue here,” he says. “Because you may recall that three years ago he said that the DAPA program, for parents of children, was illegal and that went all the way up to the Supreme Court.”

If the judge in Brownsville rules that DACA is illegal, but the California and New York judges uphold it, the federal government could find itself in uncharted waters.

“The government would be in an impossible situation because no matter what they do, they’re going to violate one court order or the other,” Williams says. “So they’re going to go to the Supreme Court.”


He says that may be part of the administration’s strategy.

“What it would do is say to the Supreme Court, ‘We want you to put all the lower court orders on ice. Put them all on hold. Stay all the injunctions.’ If that were to happen, then there would be nothing telling the government what to do about DACA. It would be free to do whatever it wanted,” he says. “And of course it would then be free to begin trying to shut it down again.”

Look at the date the DOJ was supposed to complete their discovery (JUNE 29) which is no longer needed given their recent announcement. One day before the Supreme Court breaks for the summer and doesn’t come back until the first week in October.

Judge Hanen’s ruling has absolutely NOTHING to do with the three District Court’s rulings against our President winding down DACA.

Judge Hanen is going back to BHO’s decision in 2012. It precedes the 3 Courts that ruled this year against our President. Meaning his decision IS the rule of the land.

The Left, MSM, RINOs, Democrats, Globalist, CoC, Koch Brothers etc. are going to absolutely lose their minds. There is no Supreme Court to run too! You will have a bloody summer as the DACA crazies march on Crying Chuck’s home in Brooklyn and on Nancy Pelosi’s home in San Francisco.

Our President will have empathy for them but will also remind them he was willing to help 1.8 million get to stay permanently with the chance for citizenship in 10 to 12 years for a bill that included all his priorities.


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