The Republican Party IS the MAGA Party & There Is Nothing They Can Do About It! Our President Dropped a MOAB on Their Heads Yesterday……..

The tweet from yesterday was ABSOLUTELY fantastic and a MOAB to every single RINO in the House and the Senate.

This is PDJT’s Party. Being a Republican in name only is a disqualifier.

Anyone who thought differently is going to go by the waste side the same way Jeff Flake, Bob Corker, Mark Sanford and those RINOs that decided to retire this year and not seek reelection in the House.

Senator Bob “I Was Afraid of The Lion” Corker decided yesterday to throw his RINO colleagues in the Senate under the bus for running away from his bill to reign in our President’s power to negotiate trade deals using tariffs (specifically the 232 mechanism).

Easy for the Cork Screw to spew SHIT out of his mouth since he isn’t running for reelection.

Bob Corker did find a friend from the Establishment that is pushing his cause!


Rep. Matt Gaetz is a Lion in the making! He decided to destroy this WHORE as well as Bob Corker.

The WHORES are trying to spin it every which way they can!

This POS SNOWFLAKE from Canada has to go back to tell Justin from Canada that we are DEAD! Her visit to Bob Corker’s Senate Foreign Relation Committee was a complete waste of time. They had to admit to her that they have NO POWER when it comes to PDJT taking 232 actions on steel and aluminum as well as on cars, trucks and parts in the foreseeable future. They told her they don’t want to be the next Mark Sanford!

The past 5 days has been completely devastating for the Globalist, Canada, Mexico, China and especially the EU. The new Italian Government has told Emmanuel from FRANCE to VAFFANCULO!

From the article linked above:

Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini demanded an apology from French President Emmanuel Macron for his comments on Italy’s decision to reject access to a migrant ship and then reprimanded states for allowing associations, such as left-wing financier George Soros’s Open Society Foundations, to dictate its immigration policies.

“Our actions don’t deserve to be described in such terms by figures in the French government who I hope will apologize,” Salvini said to the Senate in Rome, according to Bloomberg.

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