The Democrats Are DEAD! There is Absolutely NOTHING They Can Do to Stop the Number ONE Issue for Voters (Economy/Jobs)……

The Democrats are DEAD and they realize there is absolutely NOTHING they can do to stop the number ONE issue for voters (Economy/Jobs)!

The data from today’s Industrial Production report solidifies the Rust Belt (soon to be called the Trump Belt). Manufacturing is starting to takeoff in the good old USA!

From the article linked above:

The Federal Reserve said industrial production rose 0.7% in April, slightly beating the consensus forecast and posting gains for the third consecutive month.

Mining, which has been the strongest component in the report, once again leads the way with a 1.1% increase for the month. That puts the year-on-year volume gain for mining output at 10.6%.

Production of consumer goods is close behind with a 0.9% gain.

Manufacturing production rose 0.5% in April to beat the consensus forecast by 0.2. That comes despite the 1.3% drop in vehicle production and puts the year-on-year in manufacturing output is up 1.8%.

Worth noting, volumes in business equipment rose 1.2%, which indicates a strong second-quarter for business investment.

Utilities is also very positive at a gain of 1.9%, making the yearly gain for utilities 6.0%.

Construction has not been phased by tariffs, as construction supplies rose 0.3% in the month.

The Atlanta Federal Reserve released their latest forecast this morning for the 2nd Quarter real GDP. It remains at 4.1%. We are heading towards a 2nd Quarter that at the very least will come in at 4.0% and may actually reach 5%.

4 thoughts on “The Democrats Are DEAD! There is Absolutely NOTHING They Can Do to Stop the Number ONE Issue for Voters (Economy/Jobs)……

  1. The weird thing I’ve seen some Democrats start advocating for lately is guaranteed jobs for everyone. Of course that’s standard socialist drivel, but the weird thing about it is they’re starting this now when unemployment is plunging to record lows while the President is in the process of renegotiating trade deals. Do the Democrats think they can take credit for that later and people will actually believe them?

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    1. Absolutely not! Their record speaks for them. Not a single POS Democrat voted in favor of the Tax Reform Bill. The voters in both parties as well as Independents don’t give them an ounce of credit.

      THIS is the Democrat platform!

      From the article linked above:

      House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said Thursday that Democrats would raise taxes if they win the 2018 midterm elections.
      Or, as she put it: tax cuts will be “revised.”

      Bloomberg News reports that Pelosi continues to disparage President Donald Trump’s tax cut, which she once called “crumbs“:

      “The tax bill is a dark cloud over our children’s future,” the California Democrat said Thursday at the Peterson Foundation Fiscal Summit in Washington. “We want to revisit in a way that puts the middle class first and reduces the debt.”

      Pelosi said she would seek to negotiate a bipartisan extension of the tax bill’s middle-class tax cuts for individuals, which expire in 2026. The new tax bill would be one that “promotes growth, generates jobs and reduces the deficit,” she said.

      Pelosi didn’t say whether she would seek to raise the corporate rate — which was cut to 21 percent from 35 percent — and didn’t specify other tax breaks she would seek to end.

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  2. Fleporeblog, your research is so uplifting!!!! And they are facts! Thank you so much for this great post! Just last week I heard Ed Rollins and Michael Goodwin say the Dems were going to take back the House. How in the world does that comport with these great statistics you have posted?

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    1. They aren’t looking at current data! If the data they are looking at is before February, than their assessment would be accurate. If they are looking at current data, they should have their eyes checked.

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