NAFTA Has Already Been Won By Our President & His Killers! Everything We Are Now Seeing Is Theater….


We have already won with NAFTA. The rest is all theater being played out by our President and his Killers!

From the article linked above:

Guajardo earlier told El Heraldo newspaper that if a deal could not be reached, “we would be operating what some analysts have called ‘Zombie NAFTA’ … (one) that isn’t dead and isn’t modernized”.


Business executives complain that uncertainty over the future of the 1994 agreement is hurting investment.

It is unclear where the United States might give ground to win a quick deal. The Trump administration has embraced confrontational policies in its dealings on trade.

Our President and his Killers understand that uncertainty will ultimately kill NAFTA over a period of a few years. It has already started!

Listening to the interview above, the reporter states at the end that the longer their is uncertainty with NAFTA, the more likely companies are going to open up businesses in the USA 🇺🇸 instead of Canada 🇨🇦!

Mexico 🇲🇽 is in far worse shape than Canada 🇨🇦. Not only is a Marxist about to take over as President, they as a country are well on their way to 30,000 murders this year. It would set a dubious record. Corporations will get the hell out of Mexico as quickly as humanly possible to come back to the US.

From the article linked above:

Mexico’s most popular holiday hotspot has become overrun with drug gangs, as violence in the tourist party town escalates to unprecedented levels.

Cancun has seen 14 murders in just 36 hours — the highest ever in the country’s recorded history, according to Noticaribe.

The latest violence on April 4 saw 14 people killed and at least five others left with gunshot wounds, in six separate instances in the party town.

From the article linked above:

As Mexico prepares to vote for a new president this summer, Mexican drug cartels are warning politicians to “drop out or be killed,” and the murder rate shot up 20 percent after 7,667 were violently killed in the first quarter this year.

Our President and his Killers have already won when it comes to NAFTA. We will not relent an inch on our demands. If they are dumb enough to go for it, NAFTA 2.0 will occur. If not, UNCERTAINTY will be the ultimate demise for NAFTA 1.0.

As for our RINOs, our President and Lighthizer have a plan that will put them in a take it or leave it scenario if NAFTA 2.0 were to occur.

From the article linked above:

It could be called President Donald Trump’s version of “take it, or leave it.”

As top-level ministers gathered in Washington toward the end of this week, the Trump administration has already been thinking about how to get a new NAFTA agreement through both chambers of Congress.

One strategy that has seemed to gain favor is to force a congressional approval on the new NAFTA by withdrawing from the existing pact even before the new one is ready. The thinking is that Congress will have to approve whatever terms are in the new deal quickly, lest the U.S. is left hanging without an agreement with two of its largest trading partners.

U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer is said to have advocated for such an approach, according to current and former administration officials.

The strategy, which has been under consideration for months, figures that Congress may not act on the new agreement, preferring the status quo instead.

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