We Are WINNING Like It Is No Ones Business If You Are Willing To Allow Yourself To See It! Stormy, Mueller, Muh Russia are a GIFT……….

Folks please don’t for one minute allow yourself to get down! Stormy Daniels, Robert Mueller, Muh Russia etc. are a gift that allows our President and his administration to not only transform our country but to transform the world. A large majority of Americans are sick and tired of Stormy, Muh Russia, Mueller etc. every day the focus is on them, the more our President’s approval increases, Democrat chances of flipping a single seat in the House or Senate diminishes and most importantly, we are one day closer to our President MAGA!

Here is some fantastic news coming out today:

From the article linked above:

Jobless claims ran at historic lows to end April, a great sign for the economy.

After hitting the lowest level since 1969 the week before, new claims for unemployment benefits rose just 2,000 to 211,000 in the last week of the month, the Department of Labor reported Thursday morning. That number was well below the 224,000 that forecasters had expected.

The past two weeks’ very low readings drove the monthly average for claims down to 221,500. That’s the lowest since early 1973.

From the article linked above:

As of April 8, nearly 500 American employers have announced bonuses or pay increases, affecting more than 5.5 million American workers, as a result of the TCJA. Walmart , the largest private employer in the country, has announced a $2-an-hour increase in the starting wage of new workers and $1-an-hour rise in its base wage for employees of more than six months. For someone working 40 hours a week, that is up to $3,040 per year in additional pay.

Other employers have done the same, including BB&T Bank, where full-time workers earning the bank’s minimum wage will see a $6,000 increase in their annual income. Companies that have announced new bonus plans have lifted compensation by an average of $1,150. Ten firms have also announced minimum-wage hikes that imply annual income gains of at least $4,000 for full-time workers.

Black Americans are having a revolution that has the Democrats ready to jump off the Empire State building! Look what the data looked like back in 1956. Guess where we are going!

You have Roseanne Barr taking on more of a political slant in her latest tweets. Remember that Americans are watching her show in record numbers!

From the article linked above:

Hillary Clinton on Wednesday said being a capitalist hurt her in the 2016 primaries because the Democratic base is filled with socialists. Time Inc. Brands CCO Alan Murray asked if her support hurt her in the Iowa caucus.

Our President is back to 50% approval in the latest Rasmussen Poll!


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