DACA Is All But Gone Folks! The Democrats, RINOs, MSM, Left, Globalist, CoC etc. Overplayed Their Hand & Now Face the EXECUTIONER……….

Things are about to get really exciting! Democrats, Globalists, CoC, RINOs and others truly overplayed their hand when it comes to DACA. They thought with these liberal courts, they could push our President’s decision to wind down the program to the end of June 2019 when the SC would render a decision.

AG Paxton from Texas and six other State AGs decided enough is enough! The case is right back in front of the EXECUTIONER who took out DAPA, Judge Hanen. His decision will ultimately decide the fate of DACA. It TRUMPS the other liberal court decisions.

The Democrats and the rest of the MORONS can’t blame our President who was actually trying to find a solution.

Now they have to take his terms if they want to save DACA!


Here is even more incredible news!


From the article linked above:

Texas has already caught its first break in its new lawsuit to stop the Obama-era DACA program, after the case was assigned to U.S. District Judge Andrew S. Hanen.

A Republican appointee to the bench, Judge Hanen has already ruled against a similar deportation amnesty in 2015. And during that case he expressed skepticism about DACA itself, saying it seemed to stray beyond the bounds of discretion then-President Obama had claimed in setting up the program.

Judge Hanen, whose courtroom is in southern Texas, was one of the first to spot the surge of illegal immigrant children headed to the border in 2013 — a surge which crested in 2014 with the UAC wave that overwhelmed the Obama administration, and whose repercussions are still being felt today with the latest caravan of illegal immigrants.

He will now oversee the latest in an ever-expanding and complicated legal battle over DACA, which Mr. Obama created in 2012 to grant tentative legal status to illegal immigrant “Dreamers.” DACA was controversial from the start, and President Trump attempted to phase it out.

But several federal judges have blocked the phaseout.

Now Texas says the original program itself was illegal. If they win that argument, all the wrangling over the phaseout could become moot.

Immigrant-rights activists bemoaned Judge Hanen’s assignment to the Texas case.

“Not a friend,” wrote Ali Noorani, head of the National Immigration Forum.

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