Democrats, MSM, etc. Have Hit the Point Of Diminishing Returns! Everything They Do Is Causing Our President’s Approval To Rise……



There was a sentence from the article linked above that made me so happy when I read it:

“No doubt the Democrats’ constant attacks, amplified every day by the press, have an effect. But at a minimum, diminishing returns seem to have set in.”

Here is my post that I have shared on multiple threads on the

Treepers don’t allow the stories the media are going to run with get to you. The reason I say that is because every single story, every single raid, every single arrest is putting the final nail in the Democrat and MSM coffins!

I was an Economic Major in College. I learned about how companies hit what is called a Point of Diminishing Returns.

They shared an example of a small farm. With 4 workers they made X profit. With a 5th worker the profits increased. The same after hiring a 6th worker. However, when the hired the 7th worker, their profits stayed the same. They assumed that an 8th worker would allow the profits to continue to increase. It actually caused the profits to diminish. They wanted to reverse that trend so they hired a 9th worker. Regrettably they lost even more profits. By the 10th worker, they were no longer making a profit.

Lucifer (McCain), Comey, Mueller (if he decides to write a book) means ABSOLUTELY CRAP 💩 because they hit their Point of Diminishing Returns!

We and our President will reap the benefits!

Here is the proof from actual different polls over the past month and a half:


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