If You Think For One Minute That Our President Will Allow the Money Allocated To Be Spent, I Have A Bridge In Brooklyn To Sell You!

Our President is one of the smartest businessmen that has ever walked the face of the Earth. What he has done for our country in little over a year is simply amazing. The Federal Reserve had to change their prediction today (much more bullish) for our Economy because of evidence they have seen over the last three to four months.

However, all that went out the window this evening because he is supporting the spending bill that these morons sent to him. Our President had one thing in mind and that was his military budget for the next two years. He got exactly what he wanted. $700 Billion this year and $716 Billion next year. That includes the largest pay raise for our soldiers.

In return he had to agree to all the other fluff. If you think for one minute he will allow any Department other than the DoD to spend their entire allocation, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you.

Congress appropriates the money 💴! They do not guarantee it will get spent. I see this as a big credit card that our President and his Cabinet have complete control over. The plan is in place to cut the State Department by 30% as well as other departments. That is and will continue to go as planned. That isn’t going to stop because all this money is allocated to them.

Mick Mulvaney said it best last April that defunding Planned Parenthood will happen when Obamacare is gone. That is still the plan. Our President is going to use Reconciliation in 2019 to have the Graham/Cassidy Bill become the law of the land by this time next year. Lucifer will have joined his father in hell and we will have an additional 5 to 7 Republicans added to the Senate to offset the two Medicaid Whores (Murkowski and Collins). We won’t come a vote short next time.

As for the WALL, I believe my President when he said not to lose an ounce of sleep over it. Have you noticed that our President is still having round tables where the press gets to stay on topics about immigration. Yesterday was a perfect example on Sanctuary Cities. This is being done in my mind so our President uses funding from the DoD this year and next to pay for the completion of the WALL. Good luck to Democrats, RINOs, CoC, Koch Brothers etc. that say they are going to take him to court for what he did.

Many of you are concerned about Republican voters coming out to the polls in November. Checkout this article and what will drive our folks to do so!


From the article linked above:

Republican voters say immigration, along with the economy, is the most important issue in deciding whom they will vote for in the 2018 midterm elections, a new poll reveals.

According to the latest Quinnipiac University Poll, when Republicans are asked “What is the most important issue to you in deciding how to vote in this year’s midterm election,” voters say immigration is at the top of their priorities list.

The poll found that Republicans say immigration is more important than taxes, healthcare, and gun policy when it comes to their vote in the midterm elections. The economy is the only issue that is as much of a priority for Republican voters as immigration.



5 thoughts on “If You Think For One Minute That Our President Will Allow the Money Allocated To Be Spent, I Have A Bridge In Brooklyn To Sell You!

      1. Paul Ryan is at the White House right now. Hope he’s being taken off his high horse and read the Riot Act. Wish our President could say, “You’re fired!”


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