WOW! The Interview AG Sessions’ Had With Shannon Bream On Fox Last Night Was So Powerful! The Anticipation Of DEATH Is Far Worse Than DEATH Itself!

Folks sunlight is truly the greatest disinfectant of them all! I admit that I was one of the skeptic’s that was really worried about our AG. I owe AG Jeff Sessions’ a big apology. The last 45 seconds of that interview reminded me of the man that was stumping all across the country with our President. He absolutely lit up as he spoke about then candidate and now President Donald J. Trump. Those 45 seconds reassured me that every single person involved in this coup will be arrested and prosecuted to the full extent of the law!

I have had visions for over a year of waking up and turning my tv on and seeing arrests being made simultaneously all over the USA. Every single one of these POS being brought out of their homes in handcuffs. Some trying to use their overcoat to disguise their faces from the cameras.

After reading the post below, I feel that my dream may actually become a reality! There were plenty of guilty men and women that watched that interview last night and couldn’t fall asleep. They took sleeping pill after sleeping pill and it just didn’t work. Their minds were racing like a Formula 1 race car. Every single image imaginable of what will be their life going forward was playing itself out.

Senator Jeff Sessions Confirms Prior Appointment of “DOJ Prosecutor” to Parallel IG Horowitz, NOT a Special Counsel…

They also found themselves wanting to vomit out whatever they ate earlier. Their bodies began to go into overdrive to eat them from the inside out.

That gun on their nightstand began to get louder and louder. Some may have actually picked it up only to put it down again. They were able to once again convince themselves that they were HEROES and that BHO would once again protect them.

Lets see how that plays out going forward! At some point the realization will hit them like a boulder. BHO isn’t going to save the day because he is in the same sinking ship as the rest of them!

The Anticipation Of DEATH Is Far Worse Than DEATH Itself!

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