If the World Wants To Have A Trade War With Us, Our President Will Drop the Greatest Weapon On ALL of Them That Will End It Immediately!

Charles Payne tweeted the following this morning:

Our President tweeted the following as well:

Our President is warning the EU as well as the rest of the world that if you are dumb enough to take us on in a Trade War, you will be destroyed rather quickly. He has the ultimate weapon that has already won the war.

I wrote this yesterday:

Folks our President has the ultimate bomb that will absolutely destroy all these countries, the Globalist, CoC, MSM, RINOs etc. He has every right to talk freely about going into a trade war with as many countries that want to take us on. The entire world is welcome to come together against us. Once he drops his MOAB, it will all be over for each and everyone of them.


He actually showed them his hand with this one tweet!

It would have ALL these countries decide rather quickly to lower their tariffs on our products and will allow us to once again win because American made products are head and shoulders above the rest of the world.

That decision alone would add 4% to 5% each quarter and each year to our GDP Rate!

We will be living in the 7% to 8% GDP range. The same way China, India and others are currently.

We will be able to kill our entire deficit of $20 Trillion Dollars in less than 10 years.


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