Democrats, MSM & the Left Realize They Have A Serious Problem Heading Towards the Midterm Election!

The Democrats realize more than ever that they have a MASSIVE problem heading into the 2018 midterm elections let alone 2020. They have to defend their decision as a BLOCK to oppose the Tax Reform Bill. The media and their fake pollsters had them convinced that Americans were going to be so angry with the Bill being passed that they were going to destroy the Republican Party because of it.

All the latest polls have literally reversed themselves. As we head into March, those same polls will continue to skyrocket because more and more Americans will realize that they were absolutely lied to by the Democrats and the MSM. As Americans file their taxes and ask about what the new Tax Bill will mean for 2018, they are going to be shocked by what they hear.

I had my wife and my taxes done recently. As many of you know, my wife and youngest live in Jacksonville, FL while I continue to live and work in NYC until I can finally retire. My accountant shared the wonderful news that my wife, who earns a little more than $40K a year as a school teacher in FL with one dependent will see an increase of approximately $2,500 in her tax return next year. In my case, I will get clobbered because of how much I earn and the fact that Blue State residents will no longer be able to take advantage of the tax code that was setup for their benefit.

I am not at all angry because I have gotten away with murder for the past 20 years filing my income taxes in NYC. I also am taking home an additional $206 on the 16th and 1st of each month because of the new Tax Table which is a blessing in and of itself. The point for me sharing this is that my wife and her scenario is more common for the majority of Americans in America. That America is Trump Country.

Those are the folks that are quoted in the WAPO article from yesterday. Those are the Americans that Donnelly (IN), Manchin (WV), Heitkamp (ND), Nelson (FL), Casey (PA), Baldwin (WI), Tester (MO), Stabenow (MI), McCaskill (MO) and Brown (OH) have to convince that the Tax Reform Bill is going to cause “Armageddon” or are just “CRUMBS”.

This does not mean that we should be complacent. I think this topic will get voters out in November. The RNC, our President, VP, Republicans and us Deplorables need to continue to do our part in making sure that happens!

From the article linked above:

KOKOMO, Ind. — Democrats predicted a political backlash for -Republicans in December when the GOP pushed through a deeply unpopular tax cut that added more than $1 trillion to the federal deficit and disproportionately helped the wealthy.

But at the outset of the 2018 campaign season, Democrats’ early optimism appears less well founded here, where Democrat Joe Donnelly is facing a tough Senate reelection fight.

The new law is rising in popularity as businesses in Indiana and elsewhere trumpet bonuses and bigger paychecks. And while Donnelly and fellow Democrats struggle to craft a consistent attack on the law, Republicans — boosted by outside spending from groups backed by the billionaire Koch brothers and others — are united in touting the tax cuts and slamming moderate Democrats who voted against them.

“He said he would work for a tax plan that would help middle-class families,” said one of those candidates, Rep. Luke Messer. “We delivered a tax plan that helped middle-class families, and he was nowhere to be found.”

The growing challenge for Democrats was clear in comments from voters last week in Kokomo, a central Indiana town hit hard by the recession but creeping back toward prosperity thanks to auto industry jobs. As rain fell one weekday, residents found refuge in the small but cheery Markland Mall, anchored by a Target on one end and a Carson’s department store on the other. Several spoke approvingly of the tax cuts and claimed that their paychecks had already gone up as a result.

Brent Duff, 54, dismissed Democratic complaints that the majority of benefits would go to the wealthy while the middle class would make do with “crumbs,” in the words of House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

“I could be handing out ¬hundred-dollar bills at the front of this building and someone would complain about it,” scoffed Duff, who works at Aptiv, an automotive-parts technology company. The tax bill “has been a huge advantage,” he said.

Another local resident, Joe Griffin, 32, stopped to chat as his 5-year-old daughter played on one of the small coin-operated rides in the mall. Griffin said he had ¬noticed a $40 increase in his biweekly take-home pay from his factory job. He said the money would not make a huge difference, but it would allow him to treat his family of five to a few extra pizza dinners.

“This is a step in the right direction,” Griffin said. “Businesses are spending money.”

The No. 2 House Democrat, Rep. Steny H. Hoyer (Md.), traveled through Rust Belt states including Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana last week in what he billed as the “Make It in America” listening tour. His mission was to craft an economic argument for Democrats in their bid to pick up the 24 seats they will need to retake control of the House.

While in Indianapolis, between a fundraiser for a Democratic House candidate and a tour of the airport, Hoyer acknowledged that his party has a “tough” argument to make against the tax law.

“I don’t know whether we can make that case, but we’re sure going to try,” Hoyer said. “It wasn’t so much that you got a tax cut. It was that you got such a small percentage when your need is higher.

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