Our President & His Killers Know Exactly What Has To Occur In Order To Get To 4%+ GDP In the Foreseeable Future……

From the article linked above:

The first annual economic report by the president’s Council of Economic Advisors said tax cuts, deregulation and other pro-growth policies would increase economic growth to 3.1 percent in 2018 and keep it above 3.1 percent through 2020.

The Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has been hovering around 2.5 percent following the Great Recession of 2007, which was deemed the “new normal” that replaced historic norms of 3 percent and higher.

I have shared the following on threads dealing with NAFTA and other trade agreements

I concur with the President’s Council of Economic Advisors for the goal of 3.1% for 2018. However, our President is in the process of getting our GDP to 4%+ by 2024. He and his Killers know exactly what has to occur!

2018 will be the year our President handles our trade agreements!

What is holding our country and economy back is the IMPORTS that we are reliant upon. Notice in the 4th Quarter and for the 2017 year, there was an increase (acceleration) of imports which is subtracted from our GDP totals. Our President and his Killers absolutely understand that this was the plan of GHB, Bill Clinton, GWB & BHO. NAFTA & China becoming part of the WTO are the two creatures that was born and nurtured by these POS.

Realistically, a goal of 3% GDP for the 2018 year is what we should all aim for. The idea of 4% or 5% is not realistic at this time. The reason being, our need for imports. We saw Chrysler announce they are closing a factory in Mexico and expanding their factory in Michigan. Campbell Soup is closing their factory in Toronto, Canada and bringing their entire operation back to the US. Samsung and LG are opening new factories in SC and TN this year. Mazda and Toyota are expanding their production in the US with their factory in Alabama. GM is closing their factory in South Korea and is coming back to Detroit.


If the Mexicans and Canadians don’t agree to our terms with NAFTA, we need to get the hell out of there immediately. This will cause many new announcements of companies coming BACK to the US.

Putting these tariffs on solar panels and washing machines may effect the price by $50 but it allows Whirlpool and other US companies an opportunity to compete. Our President will be announcing massive tariffs on steel and aluminum within the next 90 days. Once again it will cost US consumers some additional money but it will bring our steel and aluminum companies back to life.

Everything I described will truly have AMERICA BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER! Cutting our need on imports has a multiplier effect. Our GDP by 2019 and 2020 will be closing in if not at 4% Annual GDP. By the time our President walks away on January 20, 2025, 5%+ GDP will become the new normal because factories will once again be up & booming like they did before NAFTA and China’s introduction into the WTO.

Everything I described will truly have AMERICA BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER!


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