PPD Just Released Their Latest Florida Poll! Democrats Are In Some Serious Trouble Not Only In 2018 But In 2020 As Well…

PPD has just released their Florida Poll!

Keep in mind that a day before the election in 2016, they had our President winning FL by 1.6%. He won the state by 1.2%. Some major takeaways:

1) Our President’s Approval Rating is 51%. This is even higher than what it was on Inauguration Day.

2) 19% of Democrats Strongly or Somewhat Approve of our President.

3) Governor’s Scott has an Approval Rating of 59%! This is HUGE because he will most likely run for Bill Nelson’s Senate seat in 2018 (November).

4) In a Head To Head matchup, Scott beats the Incumbent Bill Nelson by 2 points (39.2% to 37.2%).

5) Overall 57.7% said armed personnel on campus would do more to prevent a school shooting than stricter gun control laws (43.3%).

6) Republicans are super happy to speak with pollsters compared to Democrats. This phenomenon just happened for the first time. As recently as a month ago, the opposite was true.

7) The Economy and Jobs is the number 1 item for the midterm election (24.1%) followed by Healthcare (22%), Gun Control (19.4%), National Security and Terrorism (16.9%) and Immigration (12.8%).

8) The sample identified a partisan split of 32.64% Republican, 32.09% Democrat, 31.10% Independent and 4.18% “Something Else. 55.8% Women versus 44.2% Men.




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