The Blue Wave Is A Complete Myth! Our President Is Kicking Ass & Republicans Will Benefit For It In November……..

Folks the data is telling a whole different story about November 2018! The Tax Reform Bill has and will continue to be the greatest gift to the Republican Party. Polls that were showing a Democrat +15 to +18 advantage as of December 2017 on a generic ballot (for November 2018) have been completely washed away. For the first time today, a poll has Republicans up 1 on a generic ballot.

Larry Schweikart updated his registration data in all the battleground states. Other than Colorado, Republicans are on the rise while Democrats are dropping:

January/February voter registration changes, battleground states (Keep in mind these can reflect gains of one party or the other, both parties, or losses of both parties due to purging of voter rolls). These numbers are the NET CHANGE since November 2016:

1) IOWA – Republicans +15,000 net
This represents a continued increase in Republican net advantage, up 1,000 since December 2017

2) PENNSYLVANIA – Republicans +84,000
This represents a decline of about 2,000 for Republicans since December 2017 / Democrats have lost over 250,000 off the rolls in PA since 2012

3) NORTH CAROLINA – Republicans +65,000
This represents a continued increase in Republican net advantage, up 1,000 since December 2017 / Democrats have lost 78,000 since Election Day 2016

4) ARIZONA – Republicans +16,000
In a state where both parties gained, Republicans up gross 23,000, Democrats up gross 7,000 / This represents continued Republican growth, up 2,000 since December 2017

5) NEW HAMPSHIRE – Republicans +7,000
This represents an additional 1,000 since December 2017 in a state PDJT only lost by 1,500.

6) FLORIDA – Republicans +74,000
Republicans have gained an additional 3,000 since December, slowing down slightly from their 6,000 per month average / Democrats have lost 107,000 off their rolls (Puerto Ricans coming into Florida to vote Democrats is a MYTH)

7) NEVADA – Republicans +22,000
Republicans have gained 2,000 since December 2017, a steady trend since November 2016

8) NEW MEXICO – Republicans +13,000
No change since December of 2017

9) MAINE – Republicans +1,000
No change since December 2017

Summation: *In the battleground states for which we have voter ID by party, states that PDJT won have ALL seen Republican net gains vs. Democrats since 2016. *in every one of these gains except PA (December 2017 only), Republicans have gained every month since 2016. *In 4 states PDJT lost, Republicans have shown significant gains (NM, NV, NH & ME). Including well more than enough to capture NH in the next election and likely NM and NV. *The only battleground state that isn’t trending Republican is CO (Democrats +1,000)

Anyone see a blue wave?

From the article linked above:

President Donald Trump’s tax plan continues to succeed for Americans despite the negative press it often receives.

In January alone, the government collected more taxes than ever before for that month, according to the Monthly Treasury Statement. The Treasury just released numbers and they reveal that the federal government ran a surplus for the month.

The Treasury brought in approximately $361 billion in total tax revenue for the month of January and managed to only spend roughly $311.8 billion. This means it ran a surplus of over $49.2 billion.

From the article linked above:

– The nationwide survey found voters split at 47 percent when asked if they approved or disapproved of the job Trump is doing as president.

– April was the last time Trump had a positive net approval rating, according to Morning Consult/Politico polling.

Muh Russia is killing the Democrats! Great video:

From the article linked above:

Currently, the GOP enjoys a +1 point lead on the generic poll. A full 39 percent say they would choose a Republican over a Democrat in their respective district, while 38 percent said the same about the Democrat. Only 23 percent remain undecided.

In the past, on this same poll, Democrats have enjoyed leads ranging from two to ten points.

While this is the first poll in a long time giving the GOP an advantage, it is in keeping with the overall trend in other polls that have moved towards Republicans. One month ago, Democrats enjoyed a double digit lead. That has now shrunk to less than seven points.

Helping congressional Republicans is the fact that voters trust them more on key issues such as creating jobs (+9) and immigration (+6). The GOP also has a stunning +19 point lead on the issue of national security. Even on the issue of health care, where Democrats usually swamp Republicans, that lead has shrunk to just four points.

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