Repeat, We Are Over the Target! Repeat, We Are Over the Target! BHO Himself Has Shown Up In The Lovebirds Tweets….

I took a look at this IBP/TIPP Poll on whether Americans believe that the Obama Administration spied on the Trump Campaign during the lead up to the 2016 Presidential Election.

This poll is absolutely DEVASTATING to the Left, Democrats, MSM, DOJ, FBI etc. It may be the reason that Crying Chuck decided to reach an agreement with Mitch McConnell on a two year budget.

Please keep in mind that this poll is one of the more biased polls you will find. They don’t let you look at the internals but based on the percentages within the poll, I was able to speculate on them.

Of the 900 respondents, I have the following breakdown:

– Republicans – 225 / 25%
– Democrats – 300 / 33.3%
– Independents – 375 / 41.7%

From the article linked above:

Not matter how you spin it, FISAgate is proving to be bad news for Democrats.

And that includes former President Barack Obama, which must have the liberal media reeling.

A new IBD/TIPP poll shows that Americans overwhelmingly believe the Obama administration “improperly surveilled” Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, Investor’s Business Daily reported.

Even more troubling for Democrats, a majority of respondents said they’d like to see a special prosecutor appointed to look into possible misconduct by the FBI and Justice Department in spying on Trump.

Some 55% of those said it was “likely” that the Obama administration “improperly surveilled the Trump campaign during the 2016 election.” There was an obvious partisan split among the responses, with 87% of Republicans and 55% of independents saying the improper spying took place, but only 31% of Democrats.

Democrats had better hope they gain control of Congress in the 2018 election, given the poll’s results on whether a special counsel was needed to “investigate whether the FBI and the Department of Justice improperly surveilled the Trump campaign during the 2016 presidential election.”

A majority of respondents, 54 percent, answered “yes,” compared to 44 percent saying “no.”

And while it’s not surprising that 74 percent of Republicans said yes, along with 50 percent of independents, an almost shocking 44 percent of Democrats believe a special counsel is needed.

The longer the Trump-Russia probe drags out, the worse it is for Democrats, so don’t be surprised when they start pushing for the investigation to wrap up.

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