The Democrats Will Live To Regret the Day That Not One Single Democrat Voted In Favor Of the Tax Reform Bill!

Folks everything right now is just noise! The Democrats are DEAD and they realize it. Every single day that goes by more and more incredible economic news is coming out. The latest from Apple is HUGE.

Those “Polls” that were caused by the Democrats and the MSM to cause Americans to hate the Tax Reform Bill are beginning to turn in the opposite direction as Americans begin to see with their own eyes what it means for them and their family.


CNN nearly had a heart attack after hearing from these four former Democrats from Youngstown, OH!

From the article linked above:

And after stringing together several victories on taxes, regulations and energy policies, a total of 81 major wins in his first year, Trump’s base is also returning home, said the pollster.

Even Hispanics. “Trump’s numbers improved among Hispanic voters to a previous high of 45 percent approve / 55 percent disapprove,” said Zogby.

Overall, he added:

The president’s numbers have improved because he has rebounded with some elements of his base. Trump’s numbers with men and women are both better-among men, his job approval is 52% approve / 47% disapprove, while support among women has crept up to 40% approve and 54% disapprove.

Other key points:

He continues to have a good approval rating among white voters – 52% approve / 43% disapprove.

The president’s job approval rating is very strong among certain groups:

  • Weekly Walmart shoppers – 58% approve / 38% disapprove
  • NASCAR fans – 64% approve / 33% disapprove
  • Homeowners – 52% approve / 46% disapprove
  • Voters who have lost jobs – 57% approve / 41% disapprove

Trump’s numbers are also up among groups he has recently had trouble with:

  • Union voters – 48% approve / 51% disapprove
  • Voters living in small cities – 47% approve / 46% disapprove
  • Voters earning $75,000 – $100,000 annually 57% approve / 42% disapprove
  • 47% of women voters feel good about economic conditions in the next four years.

Among Hispanics, a majority (54%) think the economy will be good (excellent and good combined) the next four years.

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