Our President Has Just Played the Democrat Party & RINOs! What He Will Do To Immigration Going Forward Will Be Incredible….

DACA is the one issue that splits many of our President’s supporters. I for one think that ending Chain Migration and going to a Merit Based Immigration System will have benefits for not only our country but more importantly the Republican Party which is the Trump Party and will be the Trump Party for the next 50+ years because of Generation Z that are now between the ages of birth to 20 years of age (70+ million). They absolutely can’t get enough of our President. Many of them were raised during the Bush and Obama Presidencies. All they have seen is war in the ME, terrorism engulf our way of life, parent(s) that barely could make ends meet and no hope for the future. All of that is changing under the Presidency of DJT. America is coming back better and stronger than it ever was. Just imagine where this country will be after 7 more years.

Changing the face of future immigrants from Central and South America to Asia (China, Japan, South Korea, India etc.) and Eastern European (Poland, Romania, Croatia, Check Republic, Bulgaria, etc.) will change the prototypical voter for generations to come. These folks are traditionalist. They are conservative by nature. Think of the love and admiration that out President has in countries like China, India, Japan, South Korea and especially Poland. Our education system will see a tremendous boost as well. This in my mind is key to TRUMPISM surviving for the next 50+ years. These people will see our President as a HERO. That will be passed on from generation to generation. Every future Republican that wants to run for President will have to run on the TRUMP platform. We have those types of Republicans in the pipeline. Devin Nunes, Ron DeSantis, Ryan Zinke, Lou Barletta, Rick Scott etc.

Having the WALL completely funded and getting additional technology as well as additional Border Patrol Agents and ICE Agents will allow our President to literally clean out a large number of the illegals currently here. They will have no incentive to remain. We are chocking them off day by day. Cities and states that have sanctuary policies are a gift. Our ICE Agents are able to go in and take anyone and everyone out and those localities can’t report or say anything about it. This causes many of them to self deport. Just imagine what the numbers will look like on our President’s final day in office on January 20, 2025. People will be absolutely shocked. More importantly once the WALL goes up, it will never come down.

Getting rid of the Visa Lottery is a plus in so many ways. Our President is right that these damn countries send nothing but their worse to us. That will no longer be the case going forward. I could go on and on but if in the end allowing these 800,000 that are considered DACA recipients to be able to remain and be able to apply for citizenship is well worth the trade for everything that I described above in my post. Don’t think for one second that every single one of them will vote for Democrats. Even if they do, they a majority already reside in some of the most Blue States out there. I believe many will realize that it took PDJT to accomplish for them what BHO never could. They no longer have to worry about their future and whether they will be able to remain. Having that piece of mind means everything in the world.

11 thoughts on “Our President Has Just Played the Democrat Party & RINOs! What He Will Do To Immigration Going Forward Will Be Incredible….

  1. I agree with your post—as long as there is TRUE immigration reform and we enforce existing laws (which we are doing more of since PDJT took office). I don’t believe that those who are spouting “throw them out of the country” have truly thought about what those actions would look like (as I believe it is true that most of the 800K DACA have really only known this country as “home”)–are we going to search them out and take them forcibly from their homes?? People fail to realize that PDJT didn’t create this problem and there is no solution that EVERYONE will think is grand, but he isn’t kicking the can down the road. It stops here and we need immigration reform that works better than the current messed up system.

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  2. President Reagan was promised a solution to illegals entering our country and robbing citizens of tax dollars, sovereignty, control of the country’s destiny and policies that put citizens before non-citizens. Politicians sold us all down the river.

    Candidate Trump promised “Day One” the illegal non-citizens had to go. “Day One” immigration laws would be enforced equally for all. “Day One” policies would be made to benefit non-citizens.

    Now President Trump is open to Amnesty to reward non-citizens. Is Trump a liar? Amnesty benefits the globalist seeking to steal from USA citizens believing in sovereignty and the rule of law. Is Trump a Globalist?

    We witness and see the truth by actions, not words. MAGA- or pack of lies? MAGA- or bait and switch?

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  3. If the DACAs would be subject to the standards of the RAISE Act, lengthy path to citizenship (10 yrs. Minimum) , and parents deported, I would be happy.

    The key is that the DACAs meet the same standards as regular immigrants. CIS says that half are functionally illiterate, and have not graduated even from high school. In almost all homes, there is NO English spoken in the home. (Grew up in S. TX, trust me, I know).

    Meeting the standards of the RAISE Act, with careful screening, is key, because many will have forged SSNs, etc., WHICH IS A FELONY. Many are still on some kind of public assistance.

    By the time this vetting is done, probably 2/3 of the kids would not qualify. They have gotten the benefit of our education and other services for many years. They can take what they learned and go back and make their own country great.

    And unless this is done carefully, it violates the “rule of uniform naturalization” under the Constitution, that sage and revered document that most of these invaders would use as their toilet paper.


  4. Can you fix “parent(s) that barely could make ends MEAT” (it’s “MEET”). I didn’t get any further than that. Yes, grammar/spelling matters if you want to be taken seriously.

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