The LION Gets Up And TEARS THE SHIT OUT OF EVERYBODY! Folks Justice Will Prevail Because This Is As Personal As It Gets For Our President…………

Sundance thank you so much for bringing all of this stuff together for us!

Understanding The Context of Devin Nunes Requests – Obama’s 2016 DOJ/FBI Spying Operation…

Admiral Mike Rogers is the GREATEST WHITE HAT of them all in my book. The fact that these treasonous bastards thought they were going to have him be the fall guy makes my cold anger run extremely hot. The Great Admiral was able to screw all of them because of his love for his country. He knew something terrible was going on. He had his folks do an internal review. He took the details of that review to the proper authorities. He shut down their ability to continue to use “About Queries” so that these treasonous bastards could no longer spy on our President and his team once he was elected on November 8, 2016. The Admiral felt the need to let the new Commander-In-Chief know what was happening on November 18th. Admiral Mike Rogers’ deserves the highest award possible when all these POS are prosecuted for TREASON. In my book, he should be promoted to the rank of a 5 Star Admiral. Thank you God for allowing our President to win and allowing PATRIOTS like Admiral Mike Rogers to head the most powerful division in the world!

John Carlin should be immediately executed once he is found guilty! Just think what his life is like today. As well as Peter Strzok and anyone else that tried to pin all of this on Admiral Rogers! The man with all the power in the world that is loved by our President and who is a HERO to our country knows damn well what they tried to do to him. These POS must be dying from the inside out. As soon as the hammer falls in the very near future, I can’t see these animals allowing themselves to be tried for Treason. I truly believe many will commit suicide. Their insides and the inability to eat and sleep will cause them to want it all to disappear. That sense of urgency to rest will allow them to pull the trigger.

The last thing that will go through many of their minds is why did that PUSSY, BHO, not listen to Carter and Clapper in October and eliminate Mike Rogers. That will be their last thought as the bullet escapes the chamber!

I still can see the look on Devin Nunes’ face when he spoke to the press after visiting the WH. He had a look on his face as if he saw the Devil himself. He must have seen emails and texts from Barron, Melania, Don Jr., Tiffany, Eric etc. those emails and texts were just about everyday life. Yet these POS wanted to view them in the hope that they could bury OUR PRESIDENT! Think about that for one second when you say to yourself that nothing will happen. Look at our Lion’s reaction yesterday to TRAITOR Bannon. These POS will get the death penalty if it is allowed based on the charges that are brought forward! Don’t doubt for one second that nothing is going to happen! They were going after our Lion’s family. Our Lion is going to “TEAR THE SHIT OUT OF EVERYBODY”!

Listen closely at the 2:10 mark of the video above what happens when the Lion gets up!

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