Early Predictions For 2018! What Will Yours Be…………

1) GDP will end the year in 2018 at 4%. Just today Bloomberg radio had to state that the annual GDP rate for 2018 has been revised from 2.8% to 3.2%. We know how difficult it was for them to admit that. They definitely are low balling the %.
2) A Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill will be passed by the end of May for nearly $1T dollars. Of which $200 Billion from the Federal Government, $100 Billion from States and close to $700 Billion from Private Investors.
3) There will be low level arrests in the FBI and DOJ plus the Clinton email scandal and U1 being reopened and investigated again. Mueller will have no further arrests and the SC will come to an end.
4) I LOVE our President’s tweet today that there will be NO DACA agreement without funding for the WALL and the end of Chain Migration and Visa Lottery. However, Democrats can’t agree and they will throw DACA under the bus and refuse to come to an agreement.
5) SC Justice Kennedy will announce his retirement on June 30th! Our President will select another incredible Conservative Justice in his/her late 40s early 50s who will be confirmed before October. We get all 51 Republican votes. No Democrat comes on board.
6) We will keep our current margin in the House and will grow our Senate margin by 5 seats! We will lose NV but we will hold onto AZ and every other Republican seat. We will beat the incumbent in ND, IN, MO, FL, WV and OH! Crazy prediction is we grow by 6 in the Senate and pull off a Republican seat in MN.
7) We will be deep into discussions with NK to the point an agreement looks imminent sometime in early 2019.
8) NAFTA will be eliminated! We will have a bilateral agreement signed with Canada but not with Mexico by the end of 2018.

5 thoughts on “Early Predictions For 2018! What Will Yours Be…………

  1. You didn’t go out on a limb here.

    One thing we must, MUST avoid is complacency in the election. The Dems are motivated, motivated like never before, because they’ve been spoonfed the BS non stop for over a year now about what a disaster Trump has been and will be.

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  2. 7) NOKO is a Chinese puppet meant to keep Trump distracted from his trade war against China. Does anyone really believe that the Chinese and the Russian would let a neighbour go crazy to the point where a US invasion will put US troops on their border?
    8) Yeah, NAFTA will be cancelled, but there is already a Canada-US free trade agreement that will kick in automatically when NAFTA dies.

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