Their Goal Was To Destroy DJT, His Name, His Brand and His Entire Family!

These creatures of the Devil at the time (until election night) never for one second thought our President could possibly win the election. Had they an ounce of doubt, they wouldn’t have been so brazen about everything. In their world they had nothing in to worry about because the Devil’s wife was going to win the election and all of this never would have come to light.

With that being said, the entire purpose of all of this was not only to destroy DJT but to ultimately break him, his name, his brand and throw him in prison for treason etc. They were going to send a message to anyone outside the Establishment that you will lose everything if you are dumb enough to try to run for President in the future.

NSA Head, Admiral Mike Rogers, is not only a White Hat but someone I will thank until my last breath for going to visit our President on November 18th to tell him everything about what the creatures were doing. The very next day our President moved his entire operation to his resort in NJ.

Rep. Devin Nunes is another White Hat that will have my unwavering support for what he did back in February. Whatever he saw scared the hell out of him. He went and spoke with our President and held a press conference to share that every piece of unmasking he viewed had nothing to do with Russia. The Establishment tried to break him with the ethics review. To his credit, he backed off of Muh Russia and went full steam ahead with the unmasking, Fusion GPS and now with the corrupt creatures in the FBI, DOJ and the Democrat Party.

Senator Grassley is another White Hat in my mind. Not as forceful as Nunes but he is on his mission to get Comey, McCabe and the other dirty POS.

Our President knows damn well what they wanted to do to him and his family. This is beyond personal. There is no doubt in my mind that he will take down every single one of these POS!

All we can do is continue to pray day and night for him and his family. Our Lord will take care of the rest!


3 thoughts on “Their Goal Was To Destroy DJT, His Name, His Brand and His Entire Family!

  1. As long as we are discussing white/black…

    I don’t think Mitch McConnell is QUITE as black hat as people make him out to be.

    He does seem to have his priorities seriously out of whack, but not completely evil. If he were…there’d be no such Supreme Court justice as Gorsuch. It certainly cannot be said that he’s just a Dem in disguise, or he wouldn’t have had the C.O. Jones to roadblock Obola’s nominee.

    It’s a mistake to force everyone into either a white or black hat bucket. Many have concerns that run orthogonal to ours and will sometimes fight with us and sometimes fight against us, and you can’t predict which way they’ll go (unless you know where they’re coming from and what their outlook is). McConnell is probably one of those.

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    1. Well said! He is also pushing our President Circuit and District Judges through at record numbers. The importance of that will be felt for generations to come. Have to give credit where credit is due.


      1. I think one of his things is he’s very bound to tradition and another is he’s afraid of looking disruptive. These are of course things the Establishment will use against him and us. He’s probably mildly conservative in inclination, but conflates it with a don’t rock-the-boat-unless-you-really-really-have-to attitude.

        He’ll help forward the Trump agenda as long as it seems right of center but not too “extreme.”

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