Roy Moore Will Win By DOUBLE Digits Tomorrow! The Fox Poll Is Complete BS………

Folks don’t for one second buy this BS poll that Fox News just put out about the race in Alabama. The most trusted site that I follow that had our President winning both Michigan and Pennsylvania a day before the actual election was PPD. They just released their final poll. Roy Moore will win by DOUBLE digits tomorrow. It would not shock me if the margin hits 20+ points. The turnout is going to be incredible! It will absolutely double the normal turnout for a special election which is anywhere from 14% to 16%. It would not shock me if it is closer to 40%.

Today’s Fox Poll in my mind was supposed to coincide with Megyn Kelly and CBS dragging out our President’s accusers. They wanted to paint the narrative that our President has become toxic to the Republican Party. Keep in mind that nothing is done accidentally. The problem for them is that the “Religion of Peace” decided to try and blow himself up on a NYC train. They didn’t calculate for it!

From the article linked above:

DEVELOPING: Republican Judge Roy Moore now leads Democrat Doug Jones by a significant margin in the final Alabama Senate poll by Emerson College. President Donald Trump endorsed the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Alabama, citing the Democrats liberal positions as a threat to his voters’ agenda items.

Judge Moore now leads Jones 53% to 44%, a 6 point bump from the previous Emerson College poll last week. Since their first general election poll conducted before the second round of primary voting, Judge Moore’s lead slipped from more than 20 points to 10 points, and again to 6 points on November 26. His lead was down to 3 points last week on December 3, but has now grown.

President Trump’s endorsement no doubt helped, as he is liked far more than either candidate in the deeply conservative state. The president holds a 55%/40% favorable/unfavorable rating juxtaposed to Judge Moore at 45%/45% and Mr. Jones at 43%/45%.

However, Judge Moore’s favorability also rebounded after Beverly Young Nelson, who made the most serious allegation against him, admitted to “annotating” key parts of the yearbook provided as evidence of their relationship. The Moore campaign had been pressing her attorney Gloria Allred to submit the yearbook to an independent analysis.

She repeatedly refused to do so.

Leigh Corfman, who claimed in the first report that Judge Moore attempted to molest her as a 14-year-old child, told a narrative and story that is directly contradicted by court records.

“This poll is now outside the margin of error. We’re 95% confident Moore will win on Election Day,” Emerson College Polling Director Spencer Kimball said. “We’re more confident that Moore will win by 15 points let’s say than Jones actually pulling off the upset.”

Professor Kimball specifically cited the movement toward Judge Moore in the Fifth District, which had been tipping to Mr. Jones. But it’s now more evenly split and trending from purple to red.

5 thoughts on “Roy Moore Will Win By DOUBLE Digits Tomorrow! The Fox Poll Is Complete BS………

  1. Cautious optimism called for here. I think Moore is more likely to win than to lose, but what do I know? I’d love to see it break 60-40 but I’ll settle for any unambiguous win that can’t be overcome by “finding” a trunkful of ballots.

    Remember that Hitlary Klinton was 98 percent certain to win.

    Different topic:

    On the religion of peace…yes. They are much like the communists with their own peculiar definitions for words. For instance, when they say that they don’t believe in killing the innocent, it’s important to remember that in their eyes all non-believers are guilty of denying the true faith and failing to submit to allah. And peace can ONLY come about through submission to allah, so yes, by that definition, they are the religion of peace and our irony is lost on them.

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    1. Steve turnout will determine the margin in my mind! I do hope it is double digits so that the Establishment and the MSM can be stuck with egg on their face!

      What occurred today will not stop! You are absolutely right!


  2. I do hope it is double digits so that the Establishment and the MSM can be stuck with egg on their face!

    May it be elephant bird egg. (They weighed up to ten pounds and some were 13 inches long, equivalent to 160 chicken eggs.)

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