The Democrats, RINOs, MSM Have One Target 🎯 They Are After! It Isn’t Al Franken or John Conyers…. It Is Our President………

Folks I have been saying it for the past three weeks that there is one target 🎯 the Democrats, MSM, RINOs are all after and that is our President! Notice who was given the green light to come out first. The POS Senator from NY, Gillibrand. At this point she is the front runner to win the Democrat nomination in 2020. A few weeks ago she went after Bill Clinton by stating if she had been in the Senate at the time, she would have asked him to resign. She has been at the forefront of sexual harassment in the Senate.

They realize the Muh Russia fiasco is on its last leg. Once it disappears, all you will hear for the next 2+ years is a recycling of our President’s accusers with a few more deciding to come out with false stories. They will claim that they have taken the high road while the Republicans have not. They will use Roy Moore and our President as the example. It will be non stop 24 hours a day.

In their minds, that is the only way they can fight him. Everything he is doing and will do in transforming our country will mean they can’t beat him on domestic and foreign policy.

The great news for us is that our President was elected a month after these BS accusations came out. Nothing has changed since then other than the fact that our country is being Made Great Again. I hope that the Senate actually follows through with their threat to bring ethic charges against Roy Moore. He will have his chance to dispute his accusers. Gloria Allred will have to produce the document. It won’t stand up against forensics.

The Senate will realize this and won’t move forward with an ethics review. I pray that Gillibrand is the nomination. Good luck convincing the Rust Belt, Middle America and the South that a NY Senator is the right person to run our country. America has awoken to the fact that a NY Businessman was the BEST choice in running our country not just for four years but eight years!

3 thoughts on “The Democrats, RINOs, MSM Have One Target 🎯 They Are After! It Isn’t Al Franken or John Conyers…. It Is Our President………

    1. She has made her name with the Syrian crisis. She threw Obama and his administration under the bus for it. However, she is still young and an ultra liberal. She was on the Bernie wagon and America isn’t ever going to vote for a Socialist.


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