5%, 6% & Even 7% GDP Is Not Out Of the Question Once Tax Reform Meets Our New Trade Agreements & LNG Production………………….

Sundance from http://www.theconservativetreehouse.com is absolutely right! The Tax Reform Bill will have an effect on top of where our President has gotten us on his own. The truth of the matter is that the Economy will be humming at 3.5% to 4.0% on its own next year. Just think about where it will be by the time our Lion runs for reelection. Taking the Tax Reform Bill out of the equation, we will be closer to 5% starting in 2020 because the Energy explosion will be on nitro coupled with NAFTA being a thing of the past and new bilateral trade agreements!

At this point the US only has one company that has the refineries necessary to deliver LNG to the ships for export (Cheniere Energy). By 2019, we will have 4 to 5 companies with refineries that can get LNG to ships.


From the article above:

Corpus Christi Liquefaction, LLC (Corpus Christi Liquefaction), a subsidiary of Cheniere Energy, is developing and constructing a liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminal at one of Cheniere’s existing sites that was previously permitted for a regasification terminal. The liquefaction project is being designed for five trains with expected aggregate nominal production capacity of up to 22.5 million tonnes per annum (mtpa) of LNG.


From the article linked above:

“Based on construction plans, EIA expects that by 2020 the United States will have the third-largest LNG export capacity in the world after Australia and Qatar,” the U.S. Energy Information Administration just reported.

LNG refers to liquefied natural gas, which must first be super-cooled before it would be sent via tankers to ports around the world, notably to Asia and in Europe. To that end, China is expected to become the leading importer of LNG, consuming about 40% of it, says the International Energy Agency in Paris. And the U.S. Commerce Department agreed with China in May to let it contract for U.S.-supplied LNG; U.S.-based Chenier Energy Inc. is setting up an office there.

To meet that demand, the U.S. energy agency notes that five liquefaction facilities are under construction here: Cove Point, Cameron, Elba Island, Freeport, and Corpus Christi, all of which will come online in the next three years and increase total U.S. liquefaction capacity from 1.4 billion cubic feet per day now to 9.5 billion cubic feet by the end of 2019.

BP is preparing itself for that explosion as we speak!


From the article linked above:

Expansion of BP’s global LNG shipping fleet will support the group’s growing LNG portfolio and its broader shift to natural gas

HOUSTON – BP is taking delivery of six new, state-of-the-art liquefied natural gas (LNG) tankers to support its expanding global LNG portfolio, and to respond to growing demand for lower-carbon energy sources around the world.

BP’s finance partners KMarin and ICBC Leasing are investing over $1 billion in the tankers, which will join existing tankers in BP Shipping’s fleet in 2018 and 2019. The vessels will help service a 20-year liquefaction contract with the Freeport LNG facility in Texas, as well as other international LNG projects in BP’s global portfolio.

Add Tax reform to the equation and our President was absolutely right to say even 6% GDP may not be the limit! Manufacturing in the US will be on steroids because the price of fuel will be so cheap compared to where it is now. Dare I say that Reagan’s mark of 7.4% is not out of the question by 2024!

2 thoughts on “5%, 6% & Even 7% GDP Is Not Out Of the Question Once Tax Reform Meets Our New Trade Agreements & LNG Production………………….

  1. Given the amount of crap that the Senate had to add to the tax bill to get to 51 votes….I half expect the Senate to simply reject whatever the conference committee comes up with.

    McCainiac will likely kill it just to spite President Trump, just like he did with healthcare.

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