Roy Moore Will Win By Double Digits! It Won’t Even Be Close!

President Trump Firms Up Support for Alabama Senate Candidate Roy Moore – “Go get ’em Roy”…

This election on December 12th is literally for all the marbles! The shockwaves that will be sent out throughout DC will be incredible. Mitch McConnell and Karl Rove funded Luther Strange to the tune of $30 million dollars 💵. All it got Strange was a victory in the first primary (came in second) and an ass whipping in the runoff. They then proceeded to throw the kitchen sink at Roy Moore. Accusing him of being a pedophile. There was no way in the world he would remain standing after that.

They had the narrative set but decided to get greedy by bringing out the 5th victim and her famous yearbook. Little did they realize that the 5th victim would bring down their house of cards. Roy Moore went on the attack destroying the credibility of the 5th victim which also destroyed the credibility of the other 4 victims. Our President played it cool. All he and Sarah were saying is that they didn’t want a liberal who was against the 2A, was for immigration, late term abortions, soft on crime and wanting to raise taxes to win.

In the meantime, more and more people were realizing the hit job that was done on Roy Moore. Fake polls with fake data isn’t working. The people of Alabama were being laughed at. People that were going to sit it out said the hell with them, I am going to vote for Roy Moore.

Our President announced a rally for Friday in Pensacola, FL. Just a half hour from Alabama. Today he decided to go all in an endorse Roy Moore because he is a fighter just like our President. WAPO decided to stroll out another victim that was 17 at the time this evening. At this point they have hit the point of diminishing returns.

Roy Moore will win by double digits! 15 to 18 point margin! We will be celebrating at CTH next Tuesday! Can’t wait!


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