What An Incredible Week For Our President & Our Country!

What an absolutely incredible week for our President and our country!

Our President got another Circuit Court Judge appointed with 3 more judges coming next week. Got the Tax Cut and Tax Reform Bill passed in the Senate. Announced the US embassy would be moved in Israel 🇮🇱 to Jerusalem. The end of net neutrality. Charged the animal that killed Kate Steinle so that some form of justice can be served. He also announced a probe into the former Pentagon’s handling of whistleblowers under Obama.

Sunlight has been shined on the Congressional Slush Fund. The Stock Market absolutely soared. Judge Roy Moore dramatically surged in ALABAMA this past week. Mitch McConnell had to admit they won’t try to stop Roy Moore from being seated. Our beloved President kept his promise by saying “MERRY CHRISTMAS” and acknowledge GOD five times in his Christmas speech.

GDP was revised up to 3.3% for the 3rd Quarter and the Atlanta Federal Reserve updated their 4th Quarter projection from 2.7% to 3.5%. Two of the largest international shippers have announced purchases of EIGHTEEN giant container ships. This is a stunning testimony to where international business thinks the world economy is heading (especially the USA 🇺🇸). Janet Yellen said the economic indicators are very strong. Our President’s economic policy changes are putting the Economic Train 🚂 on track for the biggest economic boom since 1945.

Voter registration data continues to show Democrats losing ground in 12 of 15 battleground states. By passing Tax Cuts, Congress has assured that the Republican seats are safe, while some Democrats seats (Manchin, Heitkamp, Brown, Donnelly, McCaskill) are more vulnerable than ever since they were DUMB enough to tow the Democrat line and voted NO in a block.

Our President is ABSOLUTELY MAGA!

6 thoughts on “What An Incredible Week For Our President & Our Country!

  1. Semi off topic…but I’ve noticed something.

    Whenever PDJT posts a tweet that is supposedly attacking the DOJ/Sessions…it comes in the form of “People are asking why [DOJ or Sessions] isn’t doing…”

    Strictly speaking…he is NOT himself calling them out for their inaction, but pointing out that other people are wondering why there appears to be inaction. Heck, for all we know he could have Howie and Rumpole in mind.

    Imagine around about 1943 people asking why we weren’t researching superweapons. It would’ve been a perfectly true statement for someone to say “People are asking why we aren’t researching superweapons” and it would have been a true statement even if FDR (who knew we actually were researching the atom bomb) were to say it, because all it says is that people were asking a question.

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      1. No one…NO ONE…on CTH seems to have caught on to this fine distinction between “Why aren’t they…” and “People are asking why aren’t they…”; but many assert that Trump is bashing Sessions.

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