TREX IS Destroying the Bloated State Department & Is Responsible For the Middle East Transformation……

Sundance from The Conservative Treehouse is right!

Pure Political Propaganda – Narrative Engineers Try to Divide Trump and Tillerson…

Not only are they concerned about TREX destroying their State Department baby, they are also sick of the fact that the Middle East is transforming themselves right in front of their eyes. As TREX stated during the visit with our President to Saudi Arabia, this wasn’t his first sword dance. TREX has played such a vital role with Saudi Arabia. The Saudis knew the man as the CEO of Exxon. They came to respect the man in that role. They had every reason to respect him as Secretary of State.

Now Saudi Arabia is draining the sand in their own country. The ramifications are mind numbing for the Deep State. No more illegal funds for the CIA or weapons for the terrorist. The poppy fields are now being destroyed in Afghanistan.

From the article linked above:

16-years after the Bush administration began military operations in Afghanistan, President Trump has just launched a military campaign of his own using high-tech stealth fighters to bomb drug labs in the country.

The Pentagon’s playbook of nation building in the Middle East has stretched, now, to three Presidents making it the longest war in U.S. history. Ever since the U.S. started occupying the country in the early 2000s, opium production soared. Afghan President Ashraf Ghani said without drugs, the war in Afghanistan “would have been long over.”

In 2017, Afghanistan’s opium crop and production both hit a record high, despite the increased efforts by government to stop the drug trade. For the Taliban and other criminal elements in the region, opium is an important revenue source to fund operations.

On Monday, the Defense Department said it unleashed F-22 Raptor stealth fighters to bomb narcotic production facilities in southern Afghanistan targeting the revenue streams of the Taliban. The air operation started on Sunday and continued through Monday. The F-22s were accompanied by B-52 bombers and Afghan A-29 Super Tucanos for additional support to expand the strike mission.

They are ALL DYING a slow and painful death! All of this has been done or started in the first 10 months of our President’s presidency. In 7 years, there will be nothing left!

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