Democrats Are Playing With Fire That Will Burn Them To DEATH! Shut the Government Down For Illegals! I Absolutely Hope They Do!

The Democrats and Uniparty Republicans grand plan is to stick the DACA resolution into the Budget Bill. Uniparty Republicans were praying that it would work. Our President just told Chuck and Nancy as well as the Uniparty Republicans that they can take their DACA and stick it in their asses!

The Uniparty is completely beside themselves. How in God’s name are you willing to force the government to be shut down for illegals. North Korea decided to rain on their parade by firing another missile a few hours ago. We are closer and closer to engaging North Korea with our military. The fact they are willing to shut down the government at this point for illegals is political suicide.

Keep in mind that just over a month ago, a lottery recipient decided to run down and kill 8 people in NYC. That same recipient asked for the ISIS flag to be flown in his hospital room. That same person was the person that allowed 32 others to come into our country through chain migration.

Just a week ago a Border Patrol Agent was beat to death by illegals trying to cross the border. They used rocks to kill him and severely hurt another agent. Yet they want to shut down the government for illegals.

Americans will toss all their asses out next year. This is political suicide for the Democrats. Republicans will not negotiate without our President’s blessings. They get to hide behind our Lion.

The best part is that our President would love for Democrats not to budge. He will be able to run 85% of our programs without the need for a budget being passed. He can cut the fat day in and day out. He will tweet daily how much money he has saved Americans by cutting the fat for all these domestic and foreign programs that do nothing for us. He won’t close parks and museums. He will cut all the other garbage. The figures will be astronomical. Their is no way in HELL that they can allow him to expose the federal budget to sunlight.

I am praying that the Democrats hold their ground! We will have a filibuster proof majority in the Senate and a 40+ majority in the House. You can take that to the bank!

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