On This Thanksgiving Day I Am Thankful To Our President For MAGA…..

The future is so bright thanks 🙏 to Our Incredible President. Sundance had a thread earlier about the Democrats and their strategy for 2020 (see below).

Donna Brazile Predicts 25 People Running For Democrat President Nomination in 2020…

Folks the Democrats have NO CHANCE in 2020! By the time 2020 rolls around, our GDP will be closer to 5% a year. Obamacare will have come and gone. Healthcare will return to the states where it always belonged. If they are going to put up Harris or Gillibrand and they are going to push Single Payer, good luck with that!

North Korea 🇰🇵 will be a thing of the past. Iran 🇮🇷 will be on its last leg. The ME will be seen as a place where peace is finally taking hold. Americans are going to be prospering like the mid 80s. The courts will be completely transformed. Including the Supreme Court.

I am so confident because the Rust Belt will see a return to the 70s and 80s in terms of opportunities for the folks that live there. Remember NAFTA will be terminated allowing auto jobs to come back. The ECONOMY is always the number one factor in elections and there is nothing the Democrats can do for that! Unemployment for Blacks will be around 5.5%.

Down below you will see another data point that is rocking and rolling and has us going all the way back to the 1800s. Are you kidding me!

After the 2020 Election 🗳, they will rename the Rust Belt to the TRUMP BELT!
PA, OH, WI, MI, IN, IA and even MN.


From the article linked above:

Survey of Consumers Chief Economist: ‘Current Expansion Will Soon Be the Second Longest Expansion Since the Mid-1800s’

The final reading of consumer sentiment beat the consensus forecast at 98.5 in November, as expectations for wage growth hit an expansion high. The consensus forecast was 98.1 and the index overall has returned to a 13-year high.

“Overall, the Sentiment Index has remained largely unchanged since the start of the year at the highest levels since 2004,” said Richard Curtain, Chief Economist at the Survey of Consumers. “What has changed recently is the degree of certainty with which consumers hold their economic expectations. In contrast to the media buzz about approaching cyclical peaks and an aging expansion, with the implication of greater uncertainty about future economic trends, consumers have voiced greater certainty about their expectations for income, employment, and inflation.”

Looking at the components in the Survey of Consumers, the Current Economic Conditions subindex came in at 113.5, which is slightly below October’s 116.5 but very strong.

“To be sure, caution is warranted given that the current expansion will soon be the second longest expansion since the mid-1800s, as well as the potential for significant changes in tax policies and the new Fed leadership and Board members,” Mr. Curtain said. “Interestingly, the data indicate that neither changes in fiscal nor monetary policies have yet had any noticeable impact on consumer expectations.”

“Overall, the data signal an expected gain of 2.7% in real consumption expenditures in 2018, and more importantly for retailers, the best runup to the holiday shopping season in a decade.”

Also, the picture in the Swing States is becoming more and more a beautiful RED!


From the article linked above:

October’s voter registration changes measured against last November continue to show Republican strength, almost across the board. Certainly in the “battleground” states, the Democrats are looking at a very bleak picture. A reminder that these are net changes—some states have seen voter registration increases, some decreases as rolls are purged—but the key is the net gain or loss of one party against the other. Also, keep in mind Virginia, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Texas and Georgia, to name a few, do not register by party so it is impossible to track the changes in those states. However, with that in mind . . . .

*AZ Rs net +11,160
Both parties gained, and the Republican edge was down slightly from last look, but still holding very strong. So much for Arizona “going purple.” If this rate of changes holds, Arizona Republicans could have a net gain of an additional 25,000 voters by election time in 2018.

*FL Rs net +61,857 Since the election, Republicans have seen a net shift of nearly 62,000 in their direction. This represents a further net gain of about 6,000 since my last report, meaning that Republicans are gaining ground at the rate of about 6,000 per month. If this were to hold through 2020, Florida would be a Republican state.

*IA Rs net +70,801 Democrats can pretty well forget about Iowa, a state Obama carried and George W. Bush lost. This massive level of change bodes extremely well for neighboring Wisconsin and Minnesota, where we cannot track these changes, but which have some of the same demographics.

*NC Rs net +61,752 This is up another 1,000 since last month, and shows the Tar Heel State continues to turn back to the Republican Party as the Democrats are losing significant registrations. When combined with the 2016 3% black voting shortfall, North Carolina presents another bleak picture for the Democrats in the near future.

*NM Rs net +12,975 New Mexico continues its Republican trend, up 165 over last month. But every month has shown steady net Republican gains. Given that there likely won’t be a Gary Johnson in the race in 2020, New Mexico is absolutely in the toss up column right now, and by 2020 could be lean Republican.

*NV Rs net +8,338 Since the last report, Republicans gained another net 600. Yet another state where Republicans are slowly and steadily chipping away at the Democrat registration advantage, and another state where Johnson won’t be around to bail out the Democrat.

And the biggie:
*PA Rs net +109,101 Pennsylvania’s shocking march away from the Democrats is breathtaking: Democrats were down another 22,000 since last month and Republicans are surging. Once again, Pennsylvania’s numbers likely speak to Michigan.

And, a reminder that in my last report, NH was R net +6,511 and ME was R net +1,201.

In short, among the truly contested states in 2016, the only ray of hope for the Democrats is Colorado, and even there, the trends have flattened some. They have stabilized New Jersey and Delaware, but Republicans continue to gain significant ground in Arizona, New Mexico, Florida, North Carolina, Iowa, Nevada, and above all, Pennsylvania. If these trends continue through 2020, Florida would be have a slight Republican registration edge, North Carolina would be nearly even, and New Mexico would be close enough that it could never be taken for granted. Moreover, Pennsylvania and Iowa would be solid Trump states.

The remarkable thing about the Republican trending states is that they have moved steadily ever since last November, in almost every case without a single break. Democrats continue to lose voters, and they are not becoming independents. All of this appears to be due to Trump and Trump alone, as the Republican Party has not offered any reasons to embrace it.



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