The Economic Train Is Going Full Throttle To Get the 2017 Annual GDP To Hit 3%…..

Folks the Economic Train will do everything in its power to get our GDP for 2017 to finish at 3% GDP!

The Economic Train left the station on January 20, 2017! It had been sitting idle for the previous 8 years. Now that it is rolling across our country, it will not be stopped. There is absolutely nothing that the Democrats, Rhinos, MSM, CoC, Big Club, Barry from Kenya, Globalists etc. can do to slow it down.

Our President predicted that by the end of his first year in office, he would have our annual GDP at 3%. People absolutely laughed about his prediction. They aren’t laughing anymore! I am seeing more and more evidence that the annual GDP WILL hit 3%.

From the article linked above:

– The New York Fed Staff Nowcast for 2017:Q4 stands at 3.8%.

– News from this week’s data releases increased the nowcast for Q4 by 0.6 percentage point.

– Industrial production and housing data drove the increase.

Here’s why:

1st Quarter (Jan 1 – March 31) – Our final GDP was a miserable 1.2% since Barry was still in office for 20 days and our President began to implement his Energy Dominance and kill regulations.

2nd Quarter (April 1 – May 31) – Our final GDP was 3.1%.

3rd Quarter (June 1 – September 30) – Initial release had GDP at 3.0%. Please keep in mind that the initial 1st Quarter was 0.8% before going up to 1.2% and the initial 2nd Quarter started at 2.8% before going up to 3.1%. I anticipate the final GDP for the 3rd Quarter to be 3.3% (We will see the revised number on November 29th).

That would mean the following:

1.2 + 3.1 + 3.3 + 4.4 = 3% GDP FOR 2017!

Keep in mind that the Hurricanes that hit Texas and Florida cost the 3rd Quarter 0.8%. As construction begins in those areas (as we are now seeing), we could see the 4th Quarter propelled. Just the fact that I am writing this means our President has done an AMAZING job in his first year!


By the way, for all those that want to give credit to their messiah, here is the garbage that he produced over his 8 MISERABLE years! You can run but you can’t hide.

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