Energy Dominance By 2025! The Economic Train Continues To Pick Up Passengers As It Plows Along…… Get on the Train or Get Run Over……

Folks the future is becoming clearer and clearer! In about five years, WE will be the Dominant Energy producer and provider in the world!

For those that have young children or grand children, this is the future. If they are able to get into this industry, the sky is the limit in terms of their ability to support their families.

From the article linked above:

The U.S. will be a dominant force in global oil and gas markets for many years to come as the shale boom becomes the biggest supply surge in history, the International Energy Agency predicted.

By 2025, the growth in American oil production will equal that achieved by Saudi Arabia at the height of its expansion, and increases in natural gas will surpass those of the former Soviet Union, the agency said in its annual World Energy Outlook. The boom will turn the U.S., still among the biggest oil importers, into a net exporter of fossil fuels.

“The United States will be the undisputed leader of global oil and gas markets for decades to come,” IEA Executive Director Fatih Birol said Tuesday in an interview with Bloomberg television. “There’s big growth coming from shale oil, and as such there’ll be a big difference between the U.S. and other producers.”

Meanwhile the Economic Train is continuing to pick up passengers and speed as we get closer to the end of the 4th Quarter. The Train wants to reach 3.0% GDP for 2017 in the worst way! With a revised 3rd Quarter reaching 3.3% and a 4th Quarter hitting 4.4%, the impossible will become a reality! Signs continue to show that the impossible may become our President’s greatest achievement in Year 1 of his Presidency!

From the article linked above:

The Empire State Manufacturing Survey “continued to expand strongly” to 19.4 in November after hitting a 3-year high last month, though it missed the 26.0 median forecast. However, The new orders index climbed to 20.7 and the shipments index came in at 18.4, both indicating solid gains and activity.

Looking ahead to the next 6 months, firms were very optimistic as the index for future business conditions increased 5 points to 49.9. The index for future new orders rose 9 points to 53.7, a multiyear high.

From the article linked above:

The U.S. Census Bureau said the advance estimates of retail sales and food services came in at a seasonally adjusted $486.6 billion, an increase of 0.2%. That’s a 4.6% (±0.7%) gain from October 2016.

Total sales for the August 2017 through October 2017 period were 4.3% (±0.5%) higher than the same period a year ago, while the period from August 2017 to September 2017 was revised from up from 1.6% (±0.5%) to 1.9% (±0.2%). Retail trade sales were up 0.2% (±0.5%)* from September 2017, and were up 4.7% (±0.7%) from last year.

Building Materials and Garden Equipment and Supplies Dealers were up 8.8% (±2.1%) from October 2016, while Gasoline Stations were up 7.5% (±1.4%) from last year.

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