This Roy Moore Fabrication Has Multiple Layers To the Rhinos 🦏 Plans For the Here & Now But More Importantly for 2020……….

Folks this entire Roy Moore setup tells me a few things! The Senate Rhinos 🦏 are absolutely frightened that when Roy wins, it will embolden our President’s base as well as Bannon to take out even more Rhinos 🦏 not only in 2018 but in 2020 and 2022. I still believe Dean Heller, Republican from NV, will walk away in early March. He maybe hanging on with the hope Roy loses which crushes the Bannon movement. If McDaniel announces he is running in MS, Incumbent Rhino 🦏 Wicker may also step down or get primaried.

They are also petrified that Moore joins the Big Club with his guns cocked and loaded. The secrets may just start getting out.

They see this opportunity to lay traps anytime they want to take someone out that is a threat to their way of life. It ALSO sets our President up in 2020 to have another group of women come out with every type of lie in the world. That is their ultimate target 🎯!

They also want to neutralize our President from going out and campaigning for Roy Moore. If he does, they will paint him with a similar brush. I think our President will see how it plays out in the polls to determine what should he do.

I am so grateful Roy isn’t going anywhere! My brother and I plan on donating $50 each to his campaign. I know our Alabama Treepers have warned us about Moore and there may come a time I might have to eat crow but this is so much bigger than eating crow. This is in many ways the ultimate fork in the road for our country.

Roy Moore will win the Great State of Alabama by double digits! It won’t even be close!


6 thoughts on “This Roy Moore Fabrication Has Multiple Layers To the Rhinos 🦏 Plans For the Here & Now But More Importantly for 2020……….

  1. Fle, I agree this whole Roy Moore fiasco is a sham. I also have to wonder that it’s no coincidence that Bannon lost his financing from Mercer and the Senate campaign funds have been pulled from Judge Moore. Then ol’ Romney pipes up that he believes the accuser ! The whole thing is so well orchestrated by the swamp !

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  2. I don’t particularly like Moore. And if his appearance on Hannity was as described, he did himself no favors doing that.

    But this is an obvious screw job. As such I hope Alabama votes him in; it’s more and more one of those cases where marking his name on the ballot is equivalent to giving The Finger to the people who desperately need to be given about nine billion fingers apiece.

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  3. Flep I agree with STEVEINCO and it would be nice to have committed, strong and faithful Christian in the Senate. The swamp worms won’t like it but the people will.


  4. On a belated (and related) note:

    From what I saw of the yearbook signature it’s as ridiculous a forgery as Dan Rather’s purported memo, supposedly written in the late 60s but clearly the product of a WYSIWYG system. That one made me laugh out loud.


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