My Early Prediction For the Senate In 2018! It Doesn’t Look Pretty For the Democrats Or Rhino Republicans……..

I am not concerned about these buffoons that call themselves Republicans in the Senate! The Senate breaks incredibly well for us in 2018.

Democrats have to defend 23 seats while Independents that vote with Democrats have to defend 2 (25 in total). 10 of those 25 seats are in states that our President won in 2016. Some by very large margins. They are as follows:

West Virginia ā€“ PDJT won by 41.7%
North Dakota ā€“ PDJT won by 35.5%
Montana ā€“ PDJT won by 20.2%
Indiana ā€“ PDJT won by 19%
Missouri ā€“ PDJT won by 18.5%
Ohio ā€“ PDJT won by 8.1%
Florida ā€“ PDJT won by 1.2%
Pennsylvania ā€“ PDJT won by 0.7%
Wisconsin ā€“ PDJT won by 0.7%
Michigan ā€“ PDJT won by 0.3%

We will also be very competitive in Virginia (against Tim Kaine), New Jersey (against Bob Mendendez if he gets a hung jury) and Maine (against Independent Angus King).

The ONLY two states we are vulnerable in is Nevada and to a lesser extent Arizona.

Doomsday scenario is Democrats win all 25 plus pick up NV and AZ. That would put the Senate at 50-50 with VP Pence breaking the tie.

My scenario has us losing NV but winning states like ND, IN, MO, OH, FL, PA and my sleeper would be Maine is Governor Le Page runs. That would put the Senate at 58 R to 42 D. If Joe Manchin is stupid enough to vote NO to the Tax Reform Bill, we will ABSOLUTELY flip WV!

Here is the cherry on the sundae: Bob Corker gone and Marsha Blackburn replacing him in TN. Jeff Flake gone and either Kelli Ward or Jeff DeWit replacing him in AZ and LUCIFER BACK HOME WITH HIS FATHER IN HELL (John McCain)!

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