The Sledgehammer Of Truth Will Be Dropped On HRC & Barry’s Admiration…….

Sundance’s piece below really provides a lot of clarity!

Robert Mueller Providing Lessons in Swamp Leverage…

Mueller is telling the D.C. Swamp that the days of business as usual are over. Under our current President, America First means exactly that. You will be arrested and have your life destroyed if you think you can do business that is NOT in the best interest of our country.

One piece of Sarah’s press conference stood out to me. The fact on a few occasions she stated that the Mueller investigation is going to end soon. Even our President’s Lawyer, Ty Cobb, has said that the investigation would not continue past 2017. He has been saying that for months.

I actually believe them. The final piece of the Mueller investigation to fall is Tony Podesta. He knows it. That is why he is getting his business in order. That will probably occur while our President is in Asia.

Soon thereafter Mueller will conclude that Russia has been trying to disrupt our elections dating back 50+ years. He will clear our President of any wrong doing. This will also clear Jeff Sessions to appoint another SC to go after the Clinton Foundation and U1.

Mueller will be able to defend himself by stating that AG Holder and AG Lynch continually interfered in his investigation into U1. It is the reason he left the FBI.

Bernie’s people hate HRC as much if not more than we do! You will have 75% of the country against her. There is nothing that the MSM can do because our President has made them such a non factor. The Democrats will have no leverage because our President no longer has a cloud over him. Plus Bernie’s side of the Democrat Party will want their revenge for everything she did to him during the primary.

It is personal between our President and HRC plus the Obama administration. They wanted to destroy him and his family. Whether it meant when he went back to his normal life if he had lost or as our current President.

I maybe living off of popcorn 🍿 in the months and years to come as the Sledgehammer of Truth is dropped on these POS!



2 thoughts on “The Sledgehammer Of Truth Will Be Dropped On HRC & Barry’s Admiration…….

  1. I hope you’re right Fle and you could be. It’s good to hear Sarah say that. Thanks for pointing that out. It’s easy to get carried away (me) from time to time. I just want to shake this Country by it’s collar.

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