What Do Jeff Flake, Bob Corker, John McCain (Lucifer) & the NFL Players Have In Common………

Folks this is coming together so beautifully! I thought this POS from AZ would wait until the Spring but polling at 18% approval consistently for the past 2 months was a major slap of reality across the face.

Bob Corker, Jeff Flake and Lucifer himself from AZ are the greatest gift to our country! The remaining 49 Republican Senators are literally dying a slow death each and everyday. If you think for one minute they want these 3 MORONS to continue taking shots at our President, you are mistaken. This is killing the ESTABLISHMENT!

I want to make an analogy between these 3 POS and the 1600+ players in the NFL. Our President is beyond brilliant. They way he destroys these 3 POS whenever they talk crap is hitting them in their gut and causing them to continue to lash out. Their egos have been hurt by the Big Bad President. When our President said that the owners should “Fire The SOBs” for taking a knee, he hit those bastards right where it hurts the most. Their ego! If you think the owners want this crap to continue and see the value of their teams diminish, you are mistaken.

The 49 current Senate Republicans and the 32 NFL owners wish that their “Little Cry Babies” would just STFU. They WON’T! That is the beauty because our President pushed the RIGHT buttons on both sides.

At this point whatever gets accomplished before 2018 is to be considered a cherry on the sundae. The results after the 2018 elections will shock the entire world. We will have anywhere from 57 to 60 Republican Senators. 9 – 12 will be Trump Republicans. This will also scare the daylights out of Ben Sasse, Mitch McConnell etc. that are running on the same ticket as our President in 2020. Healthcare, Taxes, Infrastructure etc. will move right through the Senate.

At this point for me, Trade Negotiations, NK, ISIS, Iran, NAFTA, China are far more important. The beauty with the things I just listed is that Congress can’t do a damn thing to stop it! Once the trade deals are negotiated, our GDP will be humming at 4%+ each quarter. There is only ONE MAN that will get all the credit and that is our PRESIDENT!

4 thoughts on “What Do Jeff Flake, Bob Corker, John McCain (Lucifer) & the NFL Players Have In Common………

  1. In Arizona, we have a musky, smelly critter called a javalina-Looks like a pig, member of the peccary family, roams the desert in packs robbing garbage cans and uprooting Aunt Ruth’s petunias.
    Javalinas are our equivalent of a swamp creatures since we live in the Sonoran Desert with not much swamp. So Flake’s announcement fits into our master to to Drain the Swamp! Good-bye, Javelina Jeff!

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  2. Flep PDJT is truly brilliant for sure. He has taken the teachings of Sun Tzu and applied them to American politics. He has made the Left, democrats, establishment republicans, deep state, globalists, corporations and msm go insane. The best part of this happening is their pushback against MAGA has not only exposed them but made the movement stronger even reaching across the globe.

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