The NFL is DEAD and There Is Nothing They Can Do About It!

The NFL is DEAD! Last night’s ratings were the lowest for any Monday night game on ESPN this year. I guess their idea of not showing the National Anthem is blowing up in ESPN’s face!

From the article linked above:

Last night’s primetime broadcast of the Titans’ 36-22 victory stumbled to a season low with a 6.1 in metered market results.

In a season stained by overall ratings declines and political controversy, that NFL Week 6 rating is down 13% from the early numbers of the much tighter October 9 matchup between the Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears. That MNF season low went on to deliver a 3.7 rating among adults 18-49 and a total viewership of 10.3 million. It’s worth noting that the peek of last week’s MNF came at halftime on the Disney-owned cabler when the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer debuted.

Also CBS is feeling it where it hurts the most; in their POCKET!

From the article linked above:

Declining NFL television ratings will lower CBS earnings, according to Credit Suisse.

The firm cut its third-quarter EPS estimates by 5 percent, citing CBS’ softer Sunday NFL ratings. The media company reports on Nov. 2.

The analyst said CBS’ Sunday NFL ratings are down 17 percent year over year during the first several weeks of the football season, according to the report. Sheikh released a similar report last week on Twenty-First Century Fox’s earnings, which he also expects to disappoint thanks to weaker ratings by the NFL.

The stock has underperformed this year, falling nearly 11 percent since January and nearly 3 percent in the past month.

4 thoughts on “The NFL is DEAD and There Is Nothing They Can Do About It!

  1. I again flew the Gadsden flag below Old Glory on Sunday while not watching football.

    I better used the time by getting together with a Deplorable old friend of mine…alas her two children are snowflakes. *sigh*. (An unfortunate side effect of that meeting was that I missed out on shooting with another old friend of mine…he snoozed, he loozed.)

    As an aside, I’ve been unable to confirm that Broncos attendance is in fact down (I reported anecdotal evidence to that effect a couple of weeks ago, if I recall correctly). None of the “no crowd” shots I’ve seen are of Mile High stadium.

    I’m going to have to go look to see what Mondays they play so as to fly the Gadsden that day as well.


    1. Apparently (Went to Fox Sports, not the NFL website) the Donkeys play Monday the 30th and Thursday 14 December. Of course I will fly the Gadsden on those two Sundays as well as these two days.

      (Do you get the impression I look for excuses to fly the Gadsden?).

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