I Truly Believe That the 3rd Quarter GDP Will Be 3.0%+ When Announced On October 27th……..

Folks I am really beginning to sense that when the 3rd Quarter GDP is released on October 27th covering the months of July through September, our President will have a 3.0% or higher GDP. The Atlanta Federal Reserve will be revising their latest projection of 2.7% tomorrow afternoon.

What will make this GDP so HUGE for our President is the fact that during that 3rd Quarter, the country suffered from Hurricane Harvey, Irma and Maria. The reason for my optimism is the latest Housing Market Index that was released today.

The Economic Train is truly picking up many more Americans and running over its opponents every step of the way. There is absolutely NOTHING that can be done to slow it down. They have thrown everything other than the kitchen sink at it to no avail.

Our President has single handily gotten our country to this point! This image is as good as it gets in my mind.


From the article linked above:

The National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo Housing Market Index (HMI) showed homebuilder confidence rose to the highest level since May. The HMI rose 4 points to 68 in October, indicating homebuilder confidence rebounded quicker-than-expected.

The median economic forecast called for a reading of 64.

“It is encouraging to see builder confidence return to the high 60s levels we saw in the spring and summer,” said NAHB Chief Economist Robert Dietz. “With a tight inventory of existing homes and promising growth in household formation, we can expect the new home market continue to strengthen at a modest rate in the months ahead.”

5 thoughts on “I Truly Believe That the 3rd Quarter GDP Will Be 3.0%+ When Announced On October 27th……..

      1. Well, I suppose that’s consistent.

        If Bush 43 gets the blame for 8 years of economic crud, then surely Oligula gets the credit for 8 years of economic boom.

        Kidding aside, they do have a point. Obola did cause the current boom…by GTFO-ing.

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